How To Deliver a Message You’re Passionate About

How To Deliver a Message You’re Passionate About

As a Hairstylist, it is your job to tell your clients your personal recommendation of what you think is right for them. This is the entire reason they come to you. They want a change or need help with something that is going on with their hair. It is said that a hairdresser is like a therapist with how close they get to their clients. Vice President of easihair pro, Lance Courtney, shares great tips on how to go live without notes and how to deliver a message you’re passionate about. This can translate to all areas of your life, especially when you’re in front of your clients. Watch the video below and read the script to learn more.

Going Live Without Notes

How do I go live without notes? I often get this question and going live without notes is a lot like going live without a net. Except for in the event that you happen to forget something that you really want to say I promise you, you will not plummet to your death. I’m Lance Courtney your host of shot of juice coming at you in 3 2 1.

It’s been said that the three top fears starting with number three is death by drowning. Number two death by fire. And number one public speaking. However, I can promise you number three and number two are a lot more dangerous. So what I want you to do is watch the footage of this private training that I led for some of our select trainers on this very topic “how to go live without notes.” How to prepare when you are delivering a message that you are passionate about.

Trainers. You’re there you’re delivering the training on Monday. And you’re dragging Sunday’s Bull with you. There you are. This Sunday’s Bull. Fight with your boyfriend your husband your kids whatever it is you think you’re gonna be present. Oh, I just remember my words. I just have to remember my PowerPoint. Screw your PowerPoint. Get present to people. That’s what it’s all about. See and then you have the other type of learner and trainer and sometimes your baggage it’s around you like this guy. Hey, how you doing. Welcome back. I’m Lance. Welcome to the training. Good to have you here. Hey hey, don’t bump into the training here. How’s it going. Yeah. And here you are and everywhere you go your baggage is just right there. Right. Just hanging around your neck like an albatross and you can’t see it. They can.

They definitely can. You have to be able to identify that within yourself and others. Now. Listen. Give the people, the prisoners like, Mel. And sometimes. Oh my gosh. These people.

Their baggage is out here. Stay the F away from me. All right. Stay away from me. Don’t even talk to me. I don’t even want to be here. All right. Yeah. Thank you. Yes. Yeah sure. When’s lunch?

Can anyone tell me when lunch is right? But sometimes this is you. Sometimes there’s an energy that you put out. And it happens. Maybe when you show up a little bit late. It happens when your G.P.S. doesn’t work and you’re in Canada and can’t find the salon. It happens when you’re attached to things needing to be a certain way. And you fail to realize that all the preparation all that stuff has happened has happened on the day. It’s just time to show up it’s time to really just ditch the baggage. And be free and be present it doesn’t matter what’s going on.

I’m Lance Courtney and this is your shot of juice.

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