How to Have a Consultation With Your Client

How to Have a Consultation With Your Client

Lance Courtney shares something that is near and dear to him because where Salon professionals struggle at least in this particular category is the inability to approach their customers and actually have a conversation that enrolls them into trying a new service such as easihair pro’s Tape and hair extensions. Now, we want you to consider the irony of this. This is the highest earning Salon service. It’s one product five uses. You can extend amplify cover shape add chemical-free color and do it in less time than it takes you to actually mix and apply color itself. So why is it that so many people dabble while others dominate? Let’s explore this in this week’s shot of juice:

At easihair pro, we provide resources in order to make sure that we can deliver on our mission: Creating Successful Salon Professionals. So when we ask or supply you with a resource such as the Conversion Consultation that’s simply not something that’s done for fluff and puff. This is a valuable resource!

Now, among some of the complaints: It’s different. It’s too long. It doesn’t feel natural. It doesn’t feel organic. And I pose this question to you: When you first started cutting hair, did it feel natural? Were you able to cut a straight line? Were you able to get clean sections? Now if your answer was yes, yes, and yes to all of that and more then maybe you need to apply for Train the Trainers so we can sit in your class. However, if you’re like so many other salon professionals who struggled in learning something that wasn’t a talent, it was a skill just like hairdressing is, whether you’re cutting, whether you’re coloring, where you’re playing extensions. Then it didn’t come naturally. Skills do not come naturally. Those who are able to convert a high amount of clients do so because they’ve honed skill and they’ve honed a skill by using a resource called the conversion consultation.

For more tips and tricks continue watching the video above and learn how to increase your average service ticket and get the best possible consultation from your clients!

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