Working Harder vs Working Smarter

Working Harder vs Working Smarter

Lance Courtney Working Harder vs Working Smarter

If you’ve been keeping up with Lance Courtney’s weekly shot of juices you’re a master at consultation and delivering a message you’re passionate about. Do you believe in the concept of working smarter not harder? What are you doing in your life that represents that? Watch and video below and read more to figure out how you can adapt this concept into your life:

Working Harder vs Working Smarter

Working harder versus smarter. You’ve heard it. And if you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times. But what’s that actually look like?

If I were to ask most people if you were to work less days you would see less clients which ultimately means you would make less? Now if you’re thinking money, you’re not alone. So many people believe in the myth of seeing less clients equals less money and I’m here to share with you. It’s nothing more than a myth.

What if I told you, you could actually work less days less hours see less customers and make more money? Would it sound like science fiction? Would it sound like a fantasy? What if I told you that thousands upon thousands of Salon professionals just like yourself are doing it every single day.

If we look back at the beginning of the industrial age we’ll find that we needed to change the consciousness of the workers we needed a very strong workforce. So in order to change the consciousness of the workforce, the government instituted three important state changes. One being the smoke break, the coffee break, and the cocktail hour. These are embedded in our cultures and it shouldn’t be any surprise because we needed workers who were awake, alert, and could work long hard hours. Then, when they were so jacked up from the work day have a place have a respite to decompress so they could quickly go to sleep and wake up and do it all over again.

Well fast forward, here we are in the cusp of something amazing happening in the 20th-century where A.I., robotics, and the cloud make it possible for companies with weird names like Uber, Quirky, and Airbnb to topple brick and mortar institutions. In the face of exponential technologies and iPhones and wearables and the cloud, you have a younger workforce who is seeing new possibilities against a model that they don’t want to perpetuate or continue education.

It’s an education that will set you free. It’s an education that will allow you to see less clients and make more money. It’s education that will allow you to live a life by design rather than a life by default. Within this education above and beyond technical education which is incredibly important technical education however only accounts for 15 percent of your financial success. 85 percent of your success will be dependent upon your ability to affect your average service ticket, your average retail ticket, your pre-booking, your retail to service percentage. All of these things are measurable because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. So with that in mind: seek, search, find, and embrace education that allows you to affect these metrics in order to escape the matrix.

The idea of working hard versus working smart is no longer something that lives in theory. It’s something that as a salon professional or a leader in this industry you have to actually make a reality. And it’s important to note that this is simply a function of strategy and training.

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