12 Different Ways to Wear Hair Extensions

12 Different Ways to Wear Hair Extensions

Different Ways to Style with Hair Extensions

Different Ways to Style with Hair Extensions

You’ll never be bored of your hair when you wear hair extensions. With so much extra length and volume, your styling options are endless when you wear hair extensions.

An Everyday Look Book For Hair Extensions

Braids look fuller, buns look rounder, and curls rival those of world-famous supermodels so switch up your look every few days or weeks to take advantage of your longer, thicker hair. In case you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve put together a lookbook with a few simple style ideas for anyone wearing hair extensions.

Long and Straight

Straighten your hair and your extensions for incredible length and intense volume. Normally straightening your hair removes all volume and flattens it, but hair extensions replace the volume you’d normally lose.

Long and Messy

It’s summer and mermaid waves are definitely in. Use salt texturizing spray, loose curls, or twists to achieve a long, messy look. You’ll always feel straight outta Atlantis with this simple style.

Curly and Volumized

Whether you’re headed to work or the Red Carpet, voluminous curls are always a good choice. With hair extensions this volume is only amplified. Get oscar worthy hair in minutes with this easy hair tutorial.

Half Up, Half Down

Wearing your hair half up, half down maintains your gorgeous length but keeps the hair out of your face. It’s perfect for hikes, walks, and anytime your hair is bothering you.

Low Pony

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck for a low pony. Minimal effort and minimal time make for an easy, professional style.

Voluminous High Pony

If you haven’t washed your hair but still want to go out with friends, this high pony style is perfect for you. Use a little bit of dry shampoo to freshen your hair and the hair extensions’ added volume will bring the drama.

Sleek High Pony

You’ll need to straighten your hair to create this stylish look. For added flair, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it.

Side Bun

A side bun is perfect for those days when your hair is bugging you for no apparent reason. Simply style it off to the side and keep it out of your way. You can even add a headband or clip for some stylistic flair.

Messy Ballet Bun

Also known as a sock bun, your hair extensions will help you create a fuller, funner bun. Pull a few strands loose for a more laid back look.

Crown Braid

With hair extensions any updo or braid is sure to look fuller and thicker. A crown braid is no exception.

Loose Braid

Whether you fishtail, french, or traditionally braid your hair, a loose braid is a great lazy day look. With minimal effort, your hair will look fantastic and match any yoga-pant ensemble you put together.

Au Natural

This is only an option if you wear clip in hair extensions. If you do, try wearing your hair naturally for a day with absolutely no help from your hair extensions. This is a nice, easy break from styling everyday and can help you appreciate your hair extensions even more.

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