3 Conditions Saved By Hair Pieces

3 Conditions Saved By Hair Pieces

Woman Wearing Hair Extensions

Woman Wearing Hair Extensions

We understand that hair thinning and hair loss can hurt your confidence big time, especially due to certain conditions. Hair pieces and extensions can save the day when you’re desperate for more hair.

3 Hair Conditions Saved By Hair Pieces

Here are 3 common hair conditions that could be affecting you. If you’re experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, hair pieces could be a great solution.

Hair Thinning

General hair thinning can happen over time with age. Many people experience this condition due to genetics. By the age of 50, most of the population will experience some sort of hair loss or thinning. Men may be affected as soon as age 15 and women may start to experience it around the age of 30. Men will tend to lose hair around their temples or in the front of their hairline, while women will experience thinning. While women don’t typically go bald, they may lose confidence in their looks due to the ability for people to see their scalp. They may wear their hair pulled back off of their face or wear hats, both of which can worsen this condition. If you or your clients are experiencing hair thinning, a hair piece may be exactly what they need to get their confidence back. This product, whether tape in or clip in, will allow them to add volume to the top of their head.

Telogen Effluvium

A telogen effluvium is hair loss that is due to some sort of “shock” or stress to your system. This could be due to a number of different occurrences such as a chronic illness, major surgery, a crash diet, a lack of protein in your diet, a variety of prescription medications, childbirth, or intense psychological stress. If you have experienced a shock to your system, you may experience up to 70% of scalp hairs being shed up to two months after the shock. Hair may come out in clumps. This occurs because the stress causes hair roots to be pushed into the telogen stage of hair growth (the resting stage) prematurely. Hairs should grow for years before they enter the resting stage where they will rest for a matter of months, shed, and continue to grow from the same follicle. If you or your client has experience acute telogen effluvium or experiences chronic telogen effluvium, hair pieces may help them feel beautiful again.


Alopecia, also considered alopecia areata results in patches of hair loss. The hair loss is usually due to an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks hair follicles. The attack of hair follicles also prevents new hair from growing in its place. It’s rather unfortunate but there is no fully known reason why some get alopecia areata and some do not. Alopecia areata isn’t contagious, as it is generally not caused by virus or infection. Some are genetically predisposed. It is not a life-threatening disease but rather, can be quite embarrassing and disturbing socially and psychologically for patients. If you or a client of yours is suffering from alopecia areata, a hair piece may be exactly what they need to get back their confidence.

Applying a Hair Piece

You do need to get certified before applying our hair pieces. This will ensure that you’re appropriately applying tape in pieces or showing your clients how to apply clip in pieces. You’ll also be able to help your clients style the hair piece to make it look 100% natural.

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