3 Tips to Care for Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

3 Tips to Care for Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

Blonde Woman Running Fingers Through Clip In Hair Extensions

Blonde Woman Running Fingers Through Clip In Hair Extensions

Caring for Clip in Hair Extensions in the Summer

Summer is here and in full swing! Summer time hair styles call for long locks, full braids, and a plethora of messy buns, making your clip in hair extensions your favorite summer accessory.

The heat, dry weather, and constant use can wreak havoc on your hair extensions. To help you combat this issue and keep your extensions healthy throughout the entire year, follow our summer hair extension care tips below.

1. Avoid Salt Sprays

Salt sprays can give your straight hair a kick of beachy-body that it craves in the summer time. Beachy waves are always in during this time of year, but salt sprays can severely damage your clip in hair extensions.

Most salt sprays contain alcohol and, obviously, salt, two extremely drying ingredients. Not only will they cause your hair to get fizzy faster, but also make it easier for them to become tangled and matted.

When your clip in hair extensions get to this point, it is harder to achieve a well-blended look between your hair and the extension.

To help you achieve the same beachy look, without the harsh side effects of salt spray, try using a curl-enhancing leave-in conditioner. Apply to damp hair and, using your hands, scrunch your hair from the ends, up. This will help you create body and wave to your hair, while nourishing it at the same time.  

2. Don’t Get Your Clip in Hair Extensions Wet

This should be one of the most important takeaways from this post. Jumping in the pool, ocean, or showering with your clip in hair extensions is a big no-no.

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t get your hair extensions wet this summer.

1. Chlorine & Salt Water will Damage Hair

The chemicals in chlorine and the salt in the ocean will wreak havoc on your beautiful hair extensions.

If, by chance, you are thrown in the pool or do a spontaneous dive into the ocean with your hair extensions still clipped in, it’s not the end of the world. To ensure they are completely undamaged, be sure that you thoroughly wash them. Shampoo and condition your hair extension.

This takes up a lot of time. To avoid maintenance and damage, avoid wearing your clip in hair extensions in the ocean or pool at all.

2. Your Hair & Hair Extension will Become Tangled Beyond Belief

Washing your hair with your clip in hair extensions is a recipe for disaster. When hair becomes wet, it blends and tangles with each other. Your hair and the hair from your clip in hair extension become bound together, making it extremely difficult to remove without damage. Your hair can also become matted around the clip, making it even more difficult to remove and can cause damage to the clip itself.

Remove your clip in extensions before you shower, get in the pool, or hit the beach to save yourself from this inevitable issue.  

3. Routinely Deep Condition Your Extensions

Heat and dry weather can naturally wear down your clip in extensions. By regularly deep conditioning your extensions, you can increase their overall lifespan.

After you have removed your hair extensions, dampen them. Once completely wet, apply a generous amount of deep conditioner starting at the end of the hair. You can let this sit overnight and wash in the morning, or wrap extensions in a shower cap and blow dry warm air for about an hour. This will help open the cuticle and let the hair soak in the conditioner.

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