4 Benefits of Offering Hair Extensions as a Salon Service

4 Benefits of Offering Hair Extensions as a Salon Service

Blonde curly hair. Hairdresser doing hairstyle for young woman in salon

Blonde curly hair. Hairdresser doing hairstyle for young woman in salonConsidering Offering Hair Extensions as a Salon Service?

As stylists, we have to innovate our services and change with time. In order to stay relevant, continue building your clientele, and keep current clients coming back for more, it’s important to consider new services that you can offer your clients. Hair extensions is one of those innovative services that are becoming increasingly sought after. Are you considering offering hair extensions in your salon business? Read on for the benefits.

1. High Return on Investment

Hair extensions typically have a high return on investment, meaning the cost of the product is far less than what you can charge to apply and style the extensions. You’ll be able to charge more for application of hair extensions when they require time consuming techniques of cutting, blending, and shaping. Even clip in extensions, which require no labor in application can be a great option for your salon because they’re highly sought after. Clients should always buy hair extensions from a salon and they’re willing to do so to ensure the highest quality hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions may require you to show your client how to apply them once.

2. Online Certification

Certification for hair extension application is offered online and in person. If you’re looking to get simple instructions and remote access to experts in hair extension application and techniques, you only need access to the internet. Learning the more advanced techniques for application, perimeter cutting, blending, adding layers, face framing, razor cutting, texturizing, channel cutting, slide cutting, and point cutting, can all be done through certification courses online and will result in an easy and quick way to start making big bucks from this salon service. Remember, the more complicated the application, the more you can charge, so having advanced techniques on your services board will result in high profit margins.

3. Maintenance

Most hair extensions, especially tape in hair extensions, require a certain level of maintenance. Every 5-8 weeks, your clients will have to come back to have you remove or reapply their hair extensions, which means it’s a service that leads to continuous and consistent return. This is one of the reasons why hair extensions are such a profitable salon service.

4. Happy Clients

Nothing makes a client happier than the opportunity to lengthen their hair. For the first time in history, hair extensions allow an incredible opportunity for women who don’t have long hair, but have always wanted it, to achieve the look they want. Whether you’re applying tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, or hair pieces, the volume and length provided by these products will have your clients walking out of your salon with confidence and coming back for more.

Get Started With Hair Extensions in Your Salon

Hair extensions are a fantastic salon service for many reasons. If you’re considering offering this service to your clients, get certified first. Your ability to apply, style, and re-apply hair extensions will determine the success of the service.

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