4 Common Hair Extensions Questions

4 Common Hair Extensions Questions

Get Answers to Your Hair Extensions Questions

You Asked, We Answered. Our Hair Extensions FAQ

Get Answers to Your Hair Extensions Questions

Hair extensions are the answer if you’re searching for longer, thicker hair. While you may know the benefits of having hair extensions, you probably still have some questions. We are asked the following questions all the time by people who, just like you, aren’t sure if hair extensions are their solution for additional length and volume.

Does It Matter What Kind of Hair They Used to Make My Hair Extensions?

Yes. The type and quality of hair used in your hair extensions will drastically affect how your hair extensions look and feel.

There are two main types of hair used in hair extensions: synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair is the most affordable option, but is also extremely limited in styling options. It’s essentially plastic so you can’t use heating tools on your synthetic hair extensions or they’ll melt. They also won’t last as long or stay as nice as human hair alternatives because of the lower quality.

Human hair extensions are a little more expensive, but offer far superior quality to their synthetic alternative. They use real human hair so you can treat your extensions as if they were your natural hair. You can style, curl, straighten, and blow dry your extensions without having to stress about ruining your new hair extensions. However, this doesn’t give you free reign to overheat and damage your hair. You should still use a heat protectant at the lowest heat setting possible for your hair.

Additionally, not all human hair extensions are they same. While they all use real human hair, different companies use varying levels of quality. The best quality hair extensions use 100% Remy human hair. This means all the hair strands run the same direction and the root remains intact. This ensures seamless blending and soft, tangle-free hair.

What Type of Hair Extensions are Best for Me?

This isn’t an easy question to answer because it varies from person to person. If you are looking for temporary volume and length that you can adjust on a daily basis, clip in hair extensions are probably perfect for you. These extensions must be removed every night before bed and reapplied every morning. While this may seem like extra work, it gives you the most versatility.

If you are looking semi-permanent thickness & length, tape in hair extensions probably best suit your needs. These hair extensions are professionally installed and last anywhere from a few weeks to over a month. Once they grow out, the same hair extensions can be reapplied up to two more times.

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

This depends on which extensions you use. Clip in hair extensions must be taken out at the end of every day but the extensions themselves will last at least a year. Tape in hair extensions will stay in your hair for several weeks before they need to be removed and the hair extensions themselves will last about three applications.

Will My Hair Extensions Be Noticeable?

While you want everyone to notice your longer, fuller hair, we understand not wanting uneven lengths and bumpy seams scattered around your head. When you have your hair extensions professionally blended, no one will be able to find your seams.

Start Offering Hair Extensions in Your Salon

Hair extensions are often marginalized to celebrities or the fashion industry, despite being the most profitable salon service. Offer our hair extensions in your salon and see your profits soar. We offer certification courses to ensure you know how to properly use, blend, and style our hair extensions so you can give your clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

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