5 Beauty Confidence Boosters: Hair Extensions & More

5 Beauty Confidence Boosters: Hair Extensions & More

Women Feeling Confident When Wearing Her Hair Extensions

Women Feeling Confident When Wearing Her Hair ExtensionsAs a woman, confidence is in constant flux. We all have those days that we just feel great. Our skin is glowing, our eyeliner went on just right, and our hair is lying the right way. And then we have those weeks where we just feel like our look has passed its expiration date. We “need a change.”

Beauty Confidence Boosters: Hair Extensions & More

Try these easy beauty confidence boosters to make a change that brings back the confidence you want to feel every day.

Hair Extensions

This is a no-brainer. If you’re tired of your hair style and sick of waiting for your hair to get to the length you want, try hair extensions. There are many varieties of hair extensions for you to try. Any certified stylist can apply our tape in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. Tape in extensions will add volume and length and won’t need maintenance until 5-8 weeks out. These extensions can be reapplied again and again if they’re cared for properly. Clip in hair extensions operate with pressure-sensitive clips and once you’ve been educated by your stylist, you can apply these for everyday use or special occasions. These products will give you the ultimate beauty boost, allowing you to defy biology and get the thick, long locks you’ve always wanted.

Teach Yourself a New Braid

Find a new simple hairstyle you love by teaching yourself how to do a new hair braid. Use a Pinterest or Youtube tutorial to teach yourself a fishtail or waterfall braid. We promise, with practice, these braids are truly easy to master and they’re just surprising enough to get you compliments on the regular.

Whiten Your Teeth

Even if you don’t think your teeth are stained, you will be astonished what a few days of treatment can do. See your dentist or purchase an inexpensive whitening strips product from the local pharmacy to get fast results for whiter teeth. When your teeth are white, you smile more and when you smile more, your confidence is higher.

Cut Creasing

Use a thin liner brush or a light eyeliner crayon to lightly trace the crease of your eye on your eyelid. Blend it with a combination of shadows from the same color palette. You’ll be amazed at how much this little trick can make a difference.

Get a Humidifier

Try putting a humidifier in your bedroom. When you wake up with moisturized skin, you’ll notice that your skin seems brighter all day. Give your skin the moisture it needs to regenerate at appropriate speeds.

Try these easy tricks to get a quick beauty boost! If you’re looking for hair extensions, tell your hair salon to get certified for tape in or clip in hair extensions—a win for both parties!

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