5 Hairstyles to Try With Clip In Hair Extensions

5 Hairstyles to Try With Clip In Hair Extensions

Woman trying a new hairstyle using her clip in hair extensions

As a stylist, your clients will come to you for recommendations on styling their hair. If your salon provides clip in hair extensions, there’s really no limit in terms of styles they can try. Send them to the following guide to help them style their clip in hair extensions.

The Best Hairstyles to Try With Clip In Hair Extensions

Excited to try your new clip in hair extensions? We’re excited for you! The opportunities for new styles are endless with the length and volume you’ve recently acquired. Ask your stylist to show you how to work the following styles into your routine.

Long & Straight

This is the simplest and most satisfying hairstyle to try with your new clip in hair extensions. First, flat iron your hair as you usually would. Then clip your extensions in at your roots under most of your hair, still leaving a layer beneath them. Run your flat iron through your hair with extensions included to ensure the shaft of all hair is going the same direction. Brush gently to blend the extension hair in with your natural hair and enjoy the instant confidence you get from your long, gorgeous locks!

Low Pony

After applying your clip in hair extensions to straight or curly hair, brush it gently and pull all of it to the side. Fasten with a hair tie. Then wrap hair around the ponytail base and fasten with a bobby pin. If you use an extension for the wrap, you can clip it into the base before wrapping. Make sure it’s secure on your hair tie. Use real hair to wrap the ponytail base if you’re going to be moving a lot to ensure you don’t have an unraveling piece that falls out.

Side Bun

After assembling a low pony, you may also wrap your ponytail around itself until it stops. Do this with a low pony for a simple and sleek bun, or a side pony for a more edgy look. Do this with curly or wavy hair for a fuller look or if you’re on the go.


One easy way to blend your clip in hair extensions nicely is to wear them with curly hair. Unlike straight styles, you’ll want to apply your clip in extensions before curling your hair. Use a wide barrel to create loose, beautiful waves, pulling both extension and real hair into the barrel at one time. This will create a seamlessly blended look.

Braided Headband

This look is hard to pull off with your real hair because it creates strange creases in your hair, as your real hair doesn’t naturally point up. Clip in hair extensions will allow you to create the braid before applying to the hair. Once you’re happy with your braid, slip it through a chunk of hair just behind the ear and onto the root, hiding the clip. Bobby pin the other side in the same spot for a seamless braided headband look that looks completely natural.

Finding the Right Clip In Hair Extensions

Work with your stylist to find professional grade clip in hair extensions, which will only be available from salons. Your cosmetologist will educate you on how to properly style and maintain your extensions so they last longer.

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