5 Things High Quality Hair Extensions Should Be

5 Things High Quality Hair Extensions Should Be

Smiling young woman combing hair in bathroom

Smiling young woman combing hair in bathroom

Do you want to offer hair extensions as a salon service? Well, you’re making a very wise decision. This service has been proven to bring in major revenue no matter the size of your salon or clientele. Clients love the way they look after getting added volume and length in their hair, giving them the confidence to take on the world.

High Quality Hair Extensions Should Be…

So what should you look for while shopping for the right hair extensions to sell your customers? Follow this guide to ensure you’re getting the right product.

100% Remy Human Hair

If you’re looking for high quality hair extensions, always look for Remy human hair. This is a manufacturing process that takes place on human hair and it’s known to be of the finest quality. The hair is laid down in the same direction, creating a natural-looking smooth appearance once applied into the hair. The cuticles are also preserved in the manufacturing process. Looking for Remy human hair is essential to ensuring you’re putting the utmost quality of hair extensions onto your clients.


High quality hair extensions will be re-applicable. This means that, with proper care, your clients can have their hair extensions reapplied. Not only will they be pleased with the end result and how they look, but they’ll be thrilled by the thought of not coming back and spending money on an additional set each month. The best tape in hair extensions will actually last for 5-8 weeks in the hair before even having to be reapplied.

Available in a Variety of Colors

Great hair extensions will be available in a multitude of different colors. We know that every client has a unique shade of hair and, while their extensions may be applied to the underside of their hair, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t blend perfectly. The right brand will offer a wide variety of shades to match your highlights, lowlights, and base tone.

Healthy Enough for Dying

Because blending is so important, it’s also essential that your hair extensions are healthy and durable enough to actually be dyed to the same shade as your clients’ natural or color-treated hair. A high quality brand will be dyeable.

Sold by the Experts

Look for hair extensions that are sold by the same company who offers educational courses for how to apply them. Having an educational staff on hand to learn from today and moving forward will ensure that you’re able to do a fantastic job of offering this service for the long haul. Also, ensuring you have proper certifications up front will remove any learn-as-you-go, so you can start making real money from the service right off the bat.

When it Comes to Hair Extensions—Don’t Settle!

When you’re searching for high quality hair extensions, the biggest thing to keep in mind is not to settle! Don’t settle on a cheap low quality product to save a buck. Ultimately your clients won’t be happy with the result. They’ll end up spending more money on the product and you’ll end up making less money on the service.

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