6 Benefits of Tape in Extensions

6 Benefits of Tape in Extensions

6-1 Long Reddish Brown Tape In Hair Extensions

6-1 Long Reddish Brown Tape In Hair Extensions

Want Long, Luscious Hair? That’s Not the Only Benefit You’ll Get from Tape in Hair Extensions

If you are like most, you want long, luscious locks for the summer. Rather than just hoping you’ll wake up with mermaid-like hair, there’s an actual real solution that can give you the hair you’ve always wanted—tape in hair extensions.

This semi permanent form of hair extensions can give you length and body you want, without the hassles of making a permanent change. Here are six benefits you can expect from using tape in hair extensions.

1. Tape in Hair Extensions Last a Long Time

Tape in hair extensions are exactly what you might think—hair extensions that are taped into your hair, rather than clipped in or sewed in. Tape in hair extensions, like ours, are made with some the best adhesives, allowing you to have the hair you want for a longer period of time.

Not only does the adhesive last a long time, but also the hair itself. Tape in hair extensions that are made from 100% Remy human hair are just as durable as your normal hair. With proper maintenance, these extensions can last anywhere up to two months.

2. They Are Easy to Maintain

Rather than having to clip and remove your hair every time you get ready, tape in hair extensions are already in. Because they are taped in, you can cut down your time to get ready in the morning.

Tape in hair extensions do require some maintenance, but it is just as easy as caring for your natural hair. With natural hair, you can probably get away with brushing once or twice a day. With tape in hair extensions, you will need to brush your hair more frequently.

Throughout the day, your hair and the hair from the extension rub together, causing friction. Waiting to detangle your hair at the end of the day can cause serious damage to your extensions, therefore shortening their overall lifespan.

3. You Can Gain Length and Volume

One of the biggest benefits of tape in hair extensions is, of course, that you get more hair! There are so many girls out there that suffer from low self confidence because of thin hair. With tape in hair extensions, you can get the long and thick hair you have always dreamed of.

4. They Can Make Your Hair More Versatile

With tape in hair extensions in, your hair immediately becomes more versatile. There are many hairstyles that you can now achieve, such as:

  • Long braids
  • Sleek ponytails
  • Long Beachy Waves
  • A full body blowout, and more

With tape in hair extensions, you will immediately be able to try a vast variety of different hair styles, without having to clip in and additional hair. They are easy to style and are concealed in your hair so no one will know you’re wearing false hair.

5. You Can Wear Them to Workout, Swim, and Shower

One of the many benefits that our customers love about tape in hair extensions is that they are able to wear them in the shower, to the gym, and to swim. With other forms of hair extensions , you have to remove the hair in order to participate in these activities, which can be very time consuming. With tape in hair extensions, the hair will last in water, and save you a lot of time and maintenance.

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