5 Perfect Fall Styles Using Hair Extensions

5 Perfect Fall Styles Using Hair Extensions

Woman Wearing Hair Extensions With A Flower Crown

Woman Wearing Hair Extensions With A Flower CrownAfter endless summer days filled with messy beach waves and mermaid braids, fall is finally here! While that might mean you have to trade your bikini for a pair of jeans, it doesn’t mean your hair has to be any less fantastic than it was this summer. With these easy, chic autumn styles, you won’t even miss the salt in your hair.

How to Stay Chic This Fall Using Hair Extensions

Unsure how to style your hair this fall? Thankfully we’ve put together a list of five trending styles to get you through the season, all of which are perfectly complimented by either clip in or tape in hair extensions. Avoid the side-part rut we’re all guilty of getting stuck in and try any and all of the following styles.

    1. Center Parts

While a center part might not seem like a big deviation from the typical side part, it’s definitely the easiest way to change up your look. If you’re ever feeling edgy, try using a center part to grit up your look. (As a bonus, your hair will get a natural lift if you use variety in parting your hair.)

    2. Sleek High Pony-Tails

Some days you just need to put your hair in a ponytail. However, this doesn’t mean you have to  be any less chic. Our hair extensions can help you take a basic pony to a sleek, high fashion one. Instead of pulling all your hair up in one hair tie haphazardly, try wrapping a hair extension around the base to conceal the elastic. You can even add hair extensions to your ponytail for extra length and added thickness.

    3. Hats and Headbands

Everyone has bad hair days that even a ponytail can’t solve. Thankfully, fall is the perfect time to bring out all your hats and headbands. Wear your hair down under a burgundy felt floppy hat or loosely braided and contained with a thick headband to stay trendy on even the worst bad hair days.

    4. Mini Buns

Whether you wear them half down or all up, mini buns are certainly this season’s trending hairstyle. With two buns, one on either side of the head, this hairstyle can add fun to even the dreariest fall day.

Thankfully, tape in and clip in hair extensions perfectly compliment this fall style. Mini buns can easily be filled out with our hair extensions. Additionally, if you choose to wear your hair up half down, hair extensions can easily add length and volume to the hair not being styled.

    5. Messy Top-Knots

Thankfully, messy ballerina buns never seem to go out of style. The ultimate lazy-day style, hair extensions can take this effortless look from flat to full. If you use tape in hair extensions to add semi-permanent length to your hair on a daily basis, you can style your hair in this easy up-do in minutes with added volume. If you use clip in hair extensions, it’s easiest to use a hair donut to produce these same results.