6 Things to Look for While Shopping for Hair Pieces

6 Things to Look for While Shopping for Hair Pieces

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So you’re shopping for hair pieces for yourself or your clients. We know that when hair begins to thin, or you lose it outright, it can become embarrassing and hurt your confidence. Hair pieces are a fantastic solution to getting back the look you love. You may even find that you like your look better than your natural hair at its most full. But how do you find the right one for you?

Searching for the Right Hair Pieces

There are a number of features that you should look for when deciding on the right hair pieces. Follow this guide to find the hair piece provider that’s right for you.

All Natural Human Hair

The last thing you want to add to the combination of thinning hair and low confidence is a fake hair piece. The truth is, when it isn’t real, people can tell. Hair pieces that aren’t made with human hair often have a synthetic, overly shiny look which is noticeably different from your actual hair.

Cuticle Intact

Choose hair pieces that have the cuticle intact. Unfortunately, many hair piece providers strip the hair of its cuticle through the manufacturing process. If you get hair pieces without the cuticle intact, the hair could be facing different directions and lose its luster.


Cuticle intact human hair is know for being 100% styleable. Once you apply your hair piece, you can style your hair like normal, giving you the ultimate freedom to achieve that look you’ve always wanted to be able to pull off.

Remy Human Hair

Look specifically for Remy human hair. Extra care is taken during the manufacturing process of this type of hair while making hair pieces and extensions. The hair will all be facing the same direction as it would if it were natural. It’s also less likely to tangle or mat. Remy human hair maintains its shine and blends nicely with all hair colors.

Top Volume

Top volume hair pieces will allow you to add volume directly to the top of your head, giving you the illusion of thick natural hair, since it’s most visibly thick at the root. If you’re experiencing mild to severe balding, this is the right temporary option for you. The top volume hair pieces should have gentle clips that allow for secure and comfortable placement all day long.

Tape In Options

Look for a provider with tape in hair piece options. If you’re experiencing hair loss and thinning and want a more permanent solution to looking and feeling beautiful each day, this option may be for you. This route is great because, unlike most hair piece solutions, it does not require you to shave your hair. These hair pieces should always be applied by a certified cosmetologist, so be sure to ask your salon about the product before purchasing.

Searching for the Right Hair Piece Providers

While looking for professional hair piece providers, be sure to look for the above features. We know you or your clients are struggling with hair thinning and hair loss, and we love providing convenient and beautiful-looking solutions to help.

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