A Step by Step Guide to Using Clip In Hair Extensions

A Step by Step Guide to Using Clip In Hair Extensions

Guide to Using Clip In Hair Extensions

How to Use Clip In Hair Extensions

Guide to Using Clip In Hair Extensions

Having to put in your clip in hair extensions every morning can seem daunting. You have to clip in individual wefts and section your hair evenly all without showing any seams or bumps. However, we promise it isn’t as hard as it looks. Even if it isn’t perfect on your first try, try again! It’s a skill that takes a little practice to learn.

For anyone looking for a little help, we’ve created a step by step guide for using your clip in hair extensions flawlessly:

1. Purchase Your Clip In Hair Extensions

The first step to using clip in hair extensions is purchasing them! Not all extensions are created equal and quality does matter. When purchasing hair extensions of any kind, we recommend buying ones made with 100% Remy human hair. Not only does it look better, but it will last longer than synthetic alternatives. While pricier, the increase in quality exponentially outweighs the added cost.

2. Have Your Clip In Hair Extensions Blended By Your Stylist

Even though a stylist won’t be able to place your clip in hair extensions every morning, your stylist should fit them to your head the first time you wear them. They can custom style each individual weft to create seamless longer, fuller hair. Plus, they can also dye your extensions for your perfect hair color match.

3. Bring Them Home & Take Them Out Before Bed

Unfortunately, you can’t wear your clip in hair extensions while you sleep. Tossing and turning will matt the hairs and destroy the integrity of the hair. Before you get into bed, remove your hair extensions and lay them flat. Brush them to remove all tangles accumulated throughout the day. This will help them last.

4. Prepare to Get Ready

Now that you’ve had your clip in hair extensions styled, it’s time to put them in yourself. Lay your hair extensions flat and brush out any tangles. If you plan on heat styling your hair, spritz heat protectant evenly throughout the wefts. Once your extensions and brushed and protected, they’re ready to be put in.

5. Part Your Hair & Section

Now it’s time to prepare the hair on your head! Begin by parting your hair normally. Then section your hair perpendicularly on both sides of the part. Also section the bottom inch of your hair and clip the rest up.

6. Select Weft & Clip

Now you’re ready to install your first clip in hair extension. Starting with the back section, select the proper sized weft. Your stylist will help you understand which wefts to use for what when they are customizing them for your hair. Clip in below the part and smooth with your fingers. The extension should lie flat on your head.

7. Resection & Repeat

Moving up half an inch in the back section, repeat the previous step. Continue throughout the entire back section. Then do the same to both side sections. Be sure to evenly spread out your hair extensions around your head for even volume and length.

1. Style

After your clip in hair extensions are put in place, style your hair as you normally would. You can leave your hair alone and admire the added volume and length or curl it for gorgeous mermaid waves. No matter how you choose to show off your new hair, you’re sure to get endless compliments.

Offer Clip In Hair extensions in Your Salon

We don’t let just anyone offer our salon quality hair extensions. Before any stylist wants to use our products, we require them to complete a certification course. This way we can ensure our clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, and hair pieces are being properly used. With classes offered online and in salon, getting certified has never been easier.

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