Advice For Professional Hairdressers

Advice For Professional Hairdressers

In our latest blog series, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to Clinical Trichologist and Revive Hair Topper Inventor, Bobbi Russell. Bobbi has talked about her background, the Revive Hair Topper, and Trichology. In our last installment, she gives amazing advice to Professional Hairdressers. Watch the video below and read what she has to say:

Bobbi Russell’s Advice to Professional Hairdressers:

“What advice would I give to young professional starting in the beauty industry? Don’t let yourself get bored. Educate yourself constantly. Beauty School is it all it is your diapers coming off. It’s a baby diaper.

You know you’re able to come out into the world and you’re able to do it but you don’t know anything yet. There’s so much knowledge out there right now. That’s one of the things I love about easihair pro is that they’re an education company.

I love that because I’m an education junkie and I always have been. I don’t want to get bored.

I think because I have not allowed myself not to get bored, I’m not a poor hairdresser anymore. No, you can go to work every day and do the same thing. You can do cuts and colors and make people feel pretty but you haven’t really changed a life. What an amazing thing to change someone’s life. My suggestion or my advice would be learn as much as you can, teach as much as you can because someone is teaching you. Stick yourself next to somebody really strong and powerful that you can look up to and then find somebody who looks up to you.

I think it all comes back around because you teach, and you learn and then you turn and teach again, and it comes full circle. You know we help ourselves to help others.”

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advice for professional hairdressers