Clip In or Tape In? Your Guide to Choosing Hair Pieces

Clip In or Tape In? Your Guide to Choosing Hair Pieces

Guide to Choosing Hair Pieces 5-1

Guide to Choosing Hair Pieces 5-1

Do you have clients who are looking for a little more volume at the top of their head and throughout their hair? This is a common concern and, often, clients get discouraged, assuming that there’s no solution. Well, your clients will be delighted when they come to find that you offer both tape in and clip in hair pieces that will fill in any hair loss they’ve experienced from scalp to tips.

How to Choose Hair Pieces

Shopping for hair pieces for your clients? You’re probably wondering which variations are right for your salon. Let this be your guide!

Tape in Hair Pieces

Most long-term hair pieces require your clients to shave their heads, which obviously does not make them happy. They want to keep the hair that they currently have but add volume and thickness. Bobbi Russell and easihair pro collaborated to come up with a semi-permanent solution that doesn’t require your clients to shave their heads. Those women with advanced hair thinning and hair loss can rejoice in a Revive Hair Piece! This is a hair extensions system that, instead of being applied at the underside roots, is applied to the top of the head with a tape-in system. The best part is that this solution can be reapplied and therefore, can last up to one year! It can also be used in conjunction with other hair extension systems for added bottom volume.

Clip in Hair Pieces

This is the least committal of all of the hair piece choices available on the market. While just as realistic looking as tape in varieties, clip in hair pieces clip into place quickly and seamlessly. If your clients are looking for something to add a little volume without the added necessity of keeping tape in variations connected, this is the best option.

Top Volume

Clip in hair pieces work great if you’re looking to get a little top volume. If your clients need instant thickness at the crown, this is the product for them. Pressure sensitive clips are used to clip the hair piece onto the top of the head. Top volume pieces come in a variety of hair colors and last 6 to 12 months with the proper care. Be sure to walk your clients through care best practices prior to selling these products.

Top Volume Mini

If you’re looking for something that covers less of the head, perhaps only a specific area or for specific hair styles, you may want to go with a top volume mini variation. The top volume mini gives the same volume to the top of the head but on a smaller scale. It also will last 6 to 12 months with proper care. Depending on the needs of the client and the severity of hair loss and thinning, this may be the best option.

Choosing Quality Hair Pieces

Always choose a hair pieces with 100% natural Remy human hair, giving you assurance that the hair piece will last beyond just a few uses. Ultimately, authentic hair pieces will look better and last longer than synthetic variations.

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