How To Conceal Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

How To Conceal Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Girl Wearing Hair Pieces To Conceal Hair Loss

Girl Wearing Hair Pieces To Conceal Hair LossHow To Conceal Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Whether it’s a genetic disposition or the effect of age, hair loss can severely impact both men and women. Typically thought of as a “male only” problem, women make up about 40% of hair loss cases. Since it’s not life threatening the issue often goes unaddressed by physicians, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact everyday life. Hair loss can create a negative self image and other problems that affect body positivity.

Using Our Salon Quality Hair Pieces

Thankfully, hair pieces can help. Entirely seamless and unnoticeable, hair pieces can restore the length and volume lost by women suffering from hair loss. Whether you’re looking for a semi-permanent or temporary solution, our varied hair piece systems are professionally applied to give you the best results and help you restore your best self.

Top Volume Max

If you’ve experienced thinning on top of your head, this hair piece works wonders. Applying coverage just where you need it, you’ll wake up every morning with the volume and thickness you always wanted. Available in a variety of colors, from platinum blonde to et black, and easily blended into anyone’s hair these hair pieces can realistically add drastic volume to anyone’s hair and confidence in anyone’s step.

Top Volume Mini

Similar to our Top Volume Max hair pieces, the Top Volume Mini provides women with top of head thinning with additional volume and thickness. While not as drastic as the Top Volume Max, the smaller base can still provide subtle, significant coverage.

Revive Hair Pieces

As our premiere hair piece, Revive can seamlessly blend into any client’s hair. We partnered with Bobbi Russell, a licensed trichologist, to create this revolutionary reverse tape-in hair piece system. Recommended for women suffering from intermediate to severe hair thinning and hair loss, the three piece system allows women to add volume without shaving their head. Revive Hair Pieces are also hypoallergenic, made from 100% Remy Human Hair, and can be reused up to 8 times, making them the most innovative hair pieces on the market.

Still Not Satisfied?

Of course, there are other means of bolstering your hair length and volume. While you might not need the total coverage of our Revive Hair PIeces or even want additional length and volume throughout your head, our tape in and clip in extensions might be the solution for you. These additional hair pieces can even be used in conjunction with our hair pieces to ensure you can have the hair you always dreamed of. Never let your hair keep you from being confident, especially with so many easy solutions.

Find Our Hair Pieces in Your Salon

To ensure our hair pieces are correctly applied and provide best results, we only let certified stylists offer them in their salons. However, getting certified has never been easier. We offer courses both online and in our salons, for a more hands-on in-depth training, at multiple times throughout the year, ensuring there’s an option that works for you.