A Full Day of Pampering

A Full Day of Pampering

Treating Yourself is the Best You Can Do

In life, it’s important not to skip pampering. Making yourself feel relaxed and comfortable is the first line of defense that you have to combat stress. Stress is something that can affect our mood, our bodies, and our way of thinking. Stress is something that can easily be soothed away, though. Taking off a day every now and then is referred to as a ‘mental health’ day. Having these every once in awhile will help you to combat stress and refocus when you need a break. You can add one service, and remove another, but focusing on things that make you feel good is the first step to pampering.

Sauna and Hot Tub

Heat therapy is something that has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Hot springs in the Japanese countryside has kept people happy since the rise of the ancient dynasties. Hot springs like these are the inspiration for modern-day jacuzzis and hot tubs. Saunas, confined spaces with normally-dry heat, relax muscles and minds. They enable every person to drift off for a little while. Generations of spa and sauna users have lauded spa treatments via saunas as the way to ‘sweat out’ impurities from the body, and give the body a hard reset. It is important to be sure to wash off the dirt from the skin before, and minerals from the skin after using the treatments, and to stay hydrated.


Whether you’re injured and recovering, stressed and relaxing, or just cleaning out your systems, you’ve got a friend in massage. Have plenty of water after your massage therapy, and be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables after. Massages are great for physical therapy, and for regular relaxation because of what happens when your body is massaged. Blood is forced through the body, and oxygenated blood, packed with nutrients, circulates through the body, making healing easier, and melting tension.

Hair Extensions

Looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside can be a mighty undertaking. Some people are liquid glitter on the inside, and sometimes, that’s a hard one to pull off! You have time, you have a stylist, put them to work! Adding tape in hair extensions is adding the extra glamour that you need to get yourself through the next couple of weeks before your next day of pampering. Use these next couple of weeks to toss and fluff a new head of luscious, thick hair!


If you do nothing else when you have your day of pampering, get your nails done! Whether you add acrylic nails or stay natural with light pinks, you’ve got a starting point for a fun day of getting beautiful. Ask your nail technician for their best work, and go all out, or just have a quick massage, and a regular manicure and pedicure. You’re not going anywhere in a hurry, so make your day of getting pretty a great one with hair extensions, massages, and a new you!