Deciding Which Clip In Hair Extensions to Get Next

Deciding Which Clip In Hair Extensions to Get Next

Girl Deciding If She Likes Her Hair Extensions

Girl Deciding If She Likes Her Hair ExtensionsHow Do You Want to Use Your Clip In Hair Extensions?

There’s a reason that everyone loves to use clip in hair extensions: they’re just fun. Clip in hair extensions give you the ability to change up the way that your hair looks every single day. You can change anything that you want about it. Find new funky colors that complement the color your hair already is, or just find out how your hair looks at different volumes or lengths. Want to find new and exciting colors to choose for your next clip in hair extensions? Here are three tips to finding the color that you’re going to love.

1. Go As Bold As Possible

Have you stepped outside your box yet with clip in hair extensions? I mean, have you really stepped outside of the box? One thing that every fan of clip in hair extensions should try is a bold color. Not just a little bold. Extremely bold. I’m talking bright blue, red, or green. Just to see how a little bit of it looks in your hair. You might find out that you’re having a lot of fun with it. When you try something new, you get to learn something about yourself. Did trying it make you hate it? Or did you find a new part of yourself that really liked the way that they look? Either way, you’re trying something new and fun.

2. Go for Straight Length

Sure, your hair looks great at the length that it’s at, but trying something new is always going to be fun. Maybe you’re in a Rapunzel mood. How fun would it be to see your hair longer than it’s ever been before? The fun part about clip-in hair extensions is that they allow you to see yourself in styles that you’ve never seen before. Try new lengths, and discover that maybe you really want for your hair to look differently. One of the best parts of trying clip in hair extensions is finding how you want to grow your real hair.

3. Get Dedicated and Try Tape In

So you’ve put the hours in, and through clip-in hair extensions, you were able to find the hairstyle that you’ve decided you really want to have. You could spend a ton of time and money growing your hair out and getting the dying done, or you could get tape in hair extensions. The upside of this is that tape in extensions are professionally installed, and look incredibly realistic. If you get them made out of human hair, it’s even going to behave like human hair, which is an added bonus.

Have Fun With Clip In Hair Extensions

Getting a variety of clip in hair extensions gives you the opportunity to try new ways of styling your hair that you’ve never imagined before. By creating new ways of doing your hair, you’re learning more about yourself and really getting to have some fun. Try bold colors, go for some straight length, and once you’re dedicated to a style, try tape-in hair extensions to give you that style once and for all. Most of all, have fun with your clip in hair extensions.