Dos and Don’ts of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Dos and Don’ts of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Women who has conditioned her hair to keep hair extensions looking good

Women who has conditioned her hair to keep hair extensions looking goodTake Care of Your Hair and Your Look

Hair extensions are a low-maintenance way of getting more out of your look. Use hair extensions to change the way you look, or simply add a little more beauty to the good looks you already have. If you think that hair extensions are only for people who have huge amounts of time to spend styling their hair, they’re actually not – you can treat your hair extensions the same way that you treat your own hair, for the most part. If you’re not sure about what you would do if you did, indeed, decide to get tape-in hair extensions, here are a couple of quick tips that will help you care for your new additions.

DO Have Your Extensions Professionally Installed

You can absolutely get your tape-in hair extensions in all by yourself. You may even feel accomplished after you make this happen. The only problem for you may be making sure that you have all of the right equipment, and some of the expertise. Whether you can do it yourself, or not, it is always recommended that you try going to your hair care professional first. Your stylist will have a better view of your hair and your head, giving you a chance to relax, but also give you a chance to see your beautician work their magic. Your stylist will be able to get your extensions in within a reasonable amount of time, and send you on your way with a fresh new hairstyle.

DON’T Pull on Your Extensions

Some of us have the nervous habit of pulling on our hair. It’s not a good habit for anyone, and can be especially bad if you happen to pull on a section of your hair where your hair extensions are. It would be terrible for your extensions to suddenly and accidentally come out from your head, so minimize that possibility by making sure that you don’t put unnecessary strain on your hair extensions. Pulling on your hair can weaken the adhesive that your stylist chose to use, and shorten the life of your style. No one wants to go from fab to drab, and treat all of your hair nicely while you’re wearing hair extensions, and you’ll enjoy your new look for weeks and weeks.

DO Try Different Styles

Making sure not to pull on your hair extensions is essential to making your extensions last as long as they can, but don’t be shy about making yourself look good time and again. Head on back to your stylist, and ask what extension-utilizing, but extension-friendly styles they can give you. Understand that it will always be easiest on your extensions when you just leave your hair in a ‘down’ style, but you didn’t just get them for that reason, either. Giving yourself a chance to try out different looks is part of the fun of having hair extensions in the first place, so don’t miss out on all of the fun chances to make an impression!

DON’T Skip Conditioning

Probably the most important part of caring for your hair extensions is making sure to use a gentle shampoo, and properly moisturize with conditioner. The mistake made by so many is skipping conditioning, and that simply won’t do well for your hair extensions. You won’t add a great deal of time to your hair care routine, and your new look will thank you for it.