Famous Hair Pieces

Famous Hair Pieces

Woman with Great Hair Volume After Using Hair Pieces

Woman with Great Hair Volume After Using Hair PiecesFamous Wigs and Hair Pieces are Everlasting

Even when trends go in and out, we don’t forget the ones that make a statement. While some may be outrageous, others are considered classic and beautiful. Hair pieces are a great way to make a statement, but whether your statement is whispered or screamed is up to you! Hair pieces can be subtle enhancements to your already-pretty face, or you can step it up, and glam it up. What some people do with their hair pieces can make them style icons for the rest of their lives, and some forever.

Marie Antoinette’s Wig

Marie Antoinette’s sky-high powered wig was a symbol of the opulence of the French aristocracy. The Austrian princess made waves in court with her extravagant style and wild soirees that ran through nights and into mornings. Marie Antoinette would order huge, elegantly decorated cakes and platters of delicately-made sweets and meats for her lavish parties, and always wore her much-envied wigs. Some of her hairpieces would be as tall as three feet, and she started a trend for young aristocratic women all over Europe. Marie Antoinette met her untimely fate when the people of France rose against the aristocracy, ending it by executing them.

Nicki Minaj’s Wild Style

Marie Antoinette’s tall style was about the celebration of excess, but Nicki Minaj’s style is expression. Often taking from her alter-ego, Roman Zolanski, Nicki Minaj is known for sky-high, unusually-colored wigs and weaves. When Nicki Minaj first exploded onto the hip-hop rap scene in early 2008 with her first mixtape, ‘Playtime is Over.’ Her style evolved into her brightly-colored wigs and clothes as she rose to fame, and is the highest-paid female rapper in the world. Nicki Minaj brings fun and power to her music, and to her fashion, and will be remembered as a stylish Wonder Woman.

Cleopatra’s Sleek Style

Cleopatra had ‘the face that changed an empire,’ meaning that she was so beautiful that both Mark Antony and Augustus Caesar clamored for her affection. The once Queen of Egypt was reputed for her beauty, but also for her style. She is depicted in painting after painting and in hieroglyphs with a thick black wig, possibly made of animal hair, and always being worshipped. Cleopatra’s very name invokes images of a beautiful woman in the desert, thick black hair laden with gold jewelry.

RuPaul’S Big Splash

Disputably the most rich and famous drag queen to ever live, RuPaul’s empire extends from stage to screen to music. RuPaul has two modes: he and she. When RuPaul dress herself for a show, fully made up, she will rock a blonde or platinum blonde wig. Whether or not she inspired Beyonce’s signature look isn’t clear, but she was the first singer and performer that brought the huge talents of a larger underground drag queen culture for everyone to appreciate.

Judge’s Wig

From the Renaissance until about the mid-19th century, men in high positions in government wore long, white wigs with their robes. Think of these long wigs as part of the uniform, but they also were part of the style of the day. Sure, they look ridiculous today, but these are style icons that will ensure that we move forward, and not backward!