Hair Extension Personalities

Hair Extension Personalities

Hair Extensions for One, Hair Extensions for All!

There isn’t one way to be, so be you! Hair extensions can make a new you or a better you, but in the end, you’re still you! Tape in hair extensions is a fun way to change up your look when you’re ready to go in a different direction. When you choose hair extensions, whatever you want to be, you can be! Speak to your hair care professional and make your mark on the work with a gorgeous new head of hair! Your hair care professional can tell you all about the options for you and the care involved, so you will make your life a little easier, and a little more fun!

Straight for the Contemporary

Bone-straight and beautiful is the way to go if you’re a simple kind of person without all of the glamazon hangups. There’s the versatility of being able to flip your straight hair into any style or go low-maintenance by letting just hang down like the cool kid you are. Straight hair extensions don’t need much from you; long, straight hair always makes an impression, and thick hair is always great. Beautiful results with a classic look are right around the corner for you with your hair extensions.

Wavy for Old Hollywood Glamour

Back in the days of big waves that rolled back across the face of classic Hollywood Glamour, all you needed to find the love of your life was a scented handkerchief, and a red lip. Go back to this time of glitz and glamour with a gorgeous, wavy hair extension. You won’t miss the turn of heads as you walk by, and the undeniable reaction to your grace as the wind gently blows your extensions back in a true film noir moment. Wavy extensions can be straightened gently, if you want a sleek change, but keep the waves, and blend them into an elegant updo. Let them fly in a ponytail for a day at the beach. Whatever your mood, wavy hair extensions are there to match you and your whole ensemble.

Curly for the Carefree 80s Teen Dream Queen

Ah, the 80s! The 1970s and 1980s were when hair extensions really took off. Big hair was in, and teasing was the way to get it! The biggest styles could be made bigger with curly hair extensions. Something about having a head of big curls (or lots and lots and lots of smaller curls) commands the attention of any and everyone around you. You can’t be missed with your head of thick curls, and your huge burst of confidence!

Colors for the Wild Child

Yellow. Pink. Blue, Green. Purple, Luminous silver. Gold. All of the colors of every rainbow can be part of your everyday fashion statement with hair extensions! No matter the texture of your hair extensions, don’t be afraid to try out a color that you haven’t before. Hair extensions are more than just a ticket to looking great, they’re your chance to know yourself, and how you can rock color! Go bold or go home!