Hair Extensions Myths Debunked

Hair Extensions Myths Debunked

Straighten Out Myths About Hair Extensions

7 Hair Extension Myths That Need To Go

Straighten Out Myths About Hair Extensions

If you’ve ever thought about getting hair extensions or have already gotten them, you’ve definitely heard these common myths. To help you sleep better at night and live with gorgeous hair, we’ve gathered the most common hair extension myths and proven them false.

1. Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair

While completely false, this holds an ounce of truth. If your hair extensions are improperly installed or not done by a professional, your extensions can damage your hair. If they are installed, removed, and cared for properly your hair won’t suffer from glorious, temporary locks. Depending on what method you use to install your extensions (tape in, clip in, glue in, etc.) the way the hair is gathered and the extensions are implemented caries. That’s why it’s important to follow proper care instructions and have them installed by a stylist.

1. Hair Extensions Will Keep My Hair From Growing

False! On average, your hair grows half an inch every month regardless if you have extensions or regularly get a trim.  In fact, because your hair hair keeps growing you will have to semi-regularly maintain your extensions. As your hair grows, the fastening points travel farther away from the scalp and become more noticeable. To keep your extensions looking their best, you’ll want to get them refreshed every few months as your hair grows.

2. Hair Extensions Are Way Too Expensive To Be Practical

While this may have been true once, it’s not anymore. There are now so many different options for hair extensions and hair extension applications that anyone can afford them. While we don’t recommend using synthetic hair or non-Remy human hair option because of the disparity in quality, they are much cheaper than the high grade 100% Remy human hair we use in our extensions. One way to make more extensions more affordable without sacrificing quality is to use clip in extensions. They are relatively cheap to buy, and because you put them in yourself they don’t require regular salon maintenance.

3. Hair Extension Are Made From Dead People’s Hair

Once again, not true. We have no idea where this myth originated, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. We use 100% Remy human hair to make our extensions donated or sold to us by living people. What gives our extensions such high quality is the fact that they don’t get swept off the floor of a salon and instead come from one person’s ponytail.

4. Hair Extension Aren’t Compatible With Active Lifestyles

While there are some precautions you can take to help your hair extensions last, hair extensions can be worn at the gym. If you have clip in hair extensions we recommend removing them before you work up a sweat, but tape in hair extensions are applied using an adhesive that can withstand sweat. If you pull your hair back too tightly or sit in a sauna, your extensions may fall out prematurely but this can be avoided.

5. Hair Extensions Are Noticeable

Okay, this one’s true but that’s kinda the point. When you get hair extensions you want noticeably thicker, longer hair.  What isn’t true is that hair extensions look tacky. Professionally applied hair extensions are expertly color matched and blended into your hair so that everyone will notice your upgraded locks but have no idea how you achieved it.

That’s why we require any salon or stylist who wants to use our product to complete our certification courses. We offer training in hair pieces, extensions, and styling to help you give your client’s the hair they always wanted.

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