Hair Extensions and Options

Hair Extensions and Options

Hair extensions allowing for women's hair to look great

Hair extensions allowing for women's hair to look greatHair is Half of Your Look

Changing your hair can change your world. It is the first thing that people notice about you, right after your smile. Your hair is a wonderful tool, and for some, part of their identity. Hair can be a transformative experience for people who have had the same look for years on end, or it can be a way to escape the everyday with a small change that no one notices, but feels good nonetheless. When you’re ready to switch up your look, you’ve got a variety of options to make you feel like a new and better you, and some of them don’t need anything from you but a few short hours of your time.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been around for so long, we forget that there was a world without them. Hair extensions can give you longer, thicker hair in minutes to a few hours, and match your hair perfectly. People who have never tried hair extensions are always blown away by how different they look with long, thick styled hair. Hair extensions are a great way to add a little extra glamour to your everyday. 

Colored Extensions

Want to give highlights a try, but don’t want to commit? Colored hair extensions are a great way to try out a more adventurous color for your hair without committing your locks to the damage that can happen with traditional coloring. Extensions can come in colors that are subtle, or colors that can make you look like a rainbow unicorn. It is up to you to decide, but don’t be afraid to go bold. Your colored extensions can come out when you’re finished, and you won’t regret giving something new a try.

Cut and Color

Long hair can be boring and drab to someone who’s worn their hair that way for their entire life. When you’re trying to make a change, that’s one of the first things that many change. Cutting one’s hair is often described as ‘freeing,’ particularly from the maintenance of dealing with the shampoo, conditioning, and longer prep time that longer hair requires. Coloring your hair is a commitment, but so is wearing long hair for years on end. A new cut and color can be fun and flirty, and definitely makes for an interesting topic the next time you see your family and friends.


To curl, or not to curl? For those born with straight hair, curls are a novelty that are gone after a day or two, and it’s hard to imagine living with those curls everyday. If you don’t have curls, but would like some that hang out a little longer than one day, try a perm. Depending on how curly you would like for your hair to be, your stylist will give you a chemical that will take your hair from straight to curly.

Protective Style

If you’re a curly girl with tight curls, you might consider a protective style for a couple of weeks. Box braids are back in from Janet Jackson’s 90s hit, ‘Poetic Justice,’ and everyone has gotten the memo. If box braids aren’t your thing, kinky twists are still loved, micro braids, though time-consuming, aren’t going anywhere, and loc extensions give you the low-maintenance, gorgeous look you’ve been waiting for.