How Hair Extensions Changed Lauren’s Life

How Hair Extensions Changed Lauren’s Life

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At easihair pro, one of our core values is “Passion.” We believe that our products and services are here to positively impact the world. Every so often we hear a story that touches our hearts and makes us proud of what we do.

Lauren Cortina reached out to easihair pro to share her experience with hair extensions. She has been wearing easihair pro’s tape in extensions since October 2016. After a major surgery that left half of her hair shaved, she decided to try tape in extensions.

Here is our interview with Lauren:

Q: How long have you been wearing easihair pro?

A: “I have been wearing easihair pro tape in extensions since October of last year. At the age of 3, I survived Leukemia. I have always had fine hair and never had enough hair to cover up my bald spots. I have tried all products to get volume but that didn’t work. Now recovering from brain surgery, they shaved some hair on the side of my head which made me self-conscious.”

Q: How was your first application?

A: “I remember my first application, I cried when I looked in the mirror. I felt like a whole new me having thick gorgeous hair that I knew I would never get on my own. I felt confident, happy and got a lot of compliments and could style my hair and not have to worry about leaving the house if I had a bald spot showing.”

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are struggling with their hair?

A: “If I would have to give advice to someone that has been in my shoes, I would definitely tell them to try easihair pro extensions. I think they are affordable and quick to apply. Being happy and confident about yourself is important.”

Q: What is your favorite way to style your hair extensions?

A: “I usually wear my hair straight, sometimes in a low ponytail at work. I take very good care of my extensions. My stylist asked me last Friday if I had any advice to give to her clients on how to keep them in great condition because most of her clients come in with very tangled extensions. I love them and I plan on sticking with them for a long time.”

A Photo of Lauren Cortina

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