How to Help Your Tape In Hair Extensions Fall Out

How to Help Your Tape In Hair Extensions Fall Out

How to Care for Your Tape In Hair Extensions

A Lesson in How Not to Care for Your Tape In Hair Extensions

How to Care for Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Helping hair extensions last is the bane of anyone who wears them. You love how they look, but not how much they cost. Tape in hair extensions can last upwards of a month with up to three possible re-applications.

However, so much of how long your extensions will last depends on “proper care.” What does proper care entail? So many sources offer guides and how to’s on care for your tape in hair extensions, we thought we’d do the opposite.

Here’s what not to do when you have tape in hair extensions:

Apply Heat to the Tape

The best way to help your tape in hair extensions fall out is by applying heat directly to the bonding site. The adhesive is heat activated, so by adding additional heat you rewarm the bond and encourage slippage.

Pull at Your Hair Extensions

Either with aggressive brushing, scrubbing, or tight ponytails, pulling at your extensions will help them fall out. The increased tension over time will pull the adhesive away from the hair and help them fall prematurely.

Sit in Saunas Frequently

If you’re looking for easy tape in hair extension removal in a relaxing setting, saunas and steam rooms are the solution for you. The combination of heat and water is kryptonite for tape in hair extensions. The heat weakens the bonds and the water damages the hair.

Wash Your Hair Using Sulfur & Alcohol Based Products

There are very few products that are safe for tape in hair extensions. That’s why finding a product to remove your hair extensions is very easy. Simply find a product that is sulfur or alcohol based. Salt sprays for fun beachy waves are a great way to damage the chemicals in the adhesive. As an added bonus, the salt will also dry out the hair extensions and promote breakage.

Never Brush Your Hair, Then Vigorously Brush It

Hair extensions require constant brushing to keep them smooth and intact. If you never brush your hair the tangles will continuously pull at the adhesive. By the time your hair is full of knots, the bonds will be already be weakened and perfect for brushing. When you finally get around to brushing your tape in hair extensions, do so vigorously. The combination of tension and tangles will be perfect for removing your hair extensions.

Leave Your Hair Loose When You Sleep

While proper tape in hair extension care would reccomend you sleep with your hair in a loose braid, sleeping with your hair loose is the best way to get the removed. The tangling and pulling from tossing in your sleep is a sure-fire way to damage your extensions.

Go to Your Salon for Professional Help

Satire aside, the only way to get tape in hair extensions safely removed is by visiting your salon professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your own hair. Constantly pulling at the adhesive can break your hair at the root and cause your hair to fall out. If you’re truly not satisfied with your hair extensions, have them professionally and safely removed.

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