Long Hair for Men

Long Hair for Men

Let Your Hair Down

We are finally back in the day and age of strong, avant-garde, and impression-making styles for men. Male grooming product sales have gone through the roof, beauty and barber services specifically for men have made bigger and bigger waves, and men’s fashion magazines are a hub of beauty and style. With this, the ‘hipster’ style of incorporating longer hair in traditionally conservative settings has made a prominent return, and has continued to gain popularity. Now, more than ever, hair on men is being used to make a statement, and that statement is a combination of fun, sexiness, and versatility. If a fellow doesn’t have quite enough hair to make amazing styles happen, or if the hair is thin, hair extensions are the best way to get the look without employing extreme surgical procedures.


Probably the current most popular style involving a man’s longer hair, the sides of the hair are very short, with the length of the hair really seen on the top of the head. For fellows whose hair is thick, and curly, straightening the hair to a point that it can be slicked down can be done, or keep those luscious curls, and pamper them! For fellows whose hair is straight and thick, you’ll need pomade or gel to get the top to behave itself, but everything that you will need can be found at your local pharmacy, or one-stop-shop. If your hair isn’t thick enough or long enough, but you’ve got to rock the style that speaks to your soul, remember that hair extensions are definitely an option. You’re not forced to get them all over if you only need them for one part of your head. Hair extensions can be cut and styled to match your great-looking undercut, and as soon as you’re freeing great, you’ll make an even greater impression.


The pompadour is one of the oldest styles in the Western World, going in and out of popularity over the last half-millennium. The last of the French aristocrats created it, and the style went out for centuries before being brought back in the 20th century. From Elvis Presley to young John Travolta to David Beckham, the pompadour has become the answer to the bare-sided undercut.  A style that is at once sleek and tough, almost anyone can make a pompadour work. Your stylist may need to add a little more hair up top, and that’s okay! When you’re getting ready in the morning, you’ll definitely add a little gel, and probably use a hair dryer, but you’ll be looking hot enough to melt hearts up and down the street.

Man Bun

People seem to be split where the so-called Man Bun is concerned – many people can’t stand the look of it, but many others think it works for a man who wants to enjoy having longer hair subtly. A man bun, though, won’t work with a fade, so grow your hair out a little, and let your stylist add a little more if you need that Man Bun in your life. Your stylist can even twist your bun up for you, and you’ll be stylin’ and profilin’!