How Do You Make Hair Pieces Look Natural?

How Do You Make Hair Pieces Look Natural?

hair-pieces-that-look-natural-take-some-care-to-maintainAny woman can tell you that the hair on their head is a bit part of their identity. From a very early age, girls play with their hair, try out different styles, and over the course of their life experiment with a few different looks to try and find what’s best. As they age, their sensibilities may change, and hair gives them a way to express that as a way to represent who they are. Unfortunately, with age the body also begins to break down in some ways. For some women, one of the first things that shows symptoms of aging is their hair, since it can thin in certain areas and begin to lose volume. Today, women have quite a few options to help combat this experience, including tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, and  hair pieces.

Getting Natural Looking Hair Pieces

The idea of getting a hair piece might not appeal to a woman right off the bat, but over the years their quality has increased drastically. You might even know someone that uses hair pieces but you wouldn’t have the slightest idea just because of how natural they look now. If you’re looking at different hair pieces, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the natural look you’re eager to maintain.

Chose The Right Type

Depending on where you’re looking, some companies offer different types of hair pieces for customers to choose from. However, from a larger perspective, there are really two main types available: synthetic hair pieces and natural hair pieces. As the name implies, synthetic hair is artificial, but it’s usually a little less expensive. What it offers in convenience it does lack in versatility, since synthetic hair pieces cannot be styled the same way your natural hair can be. On the other hand, natural hair pieces has a lot more versatility, since they’re made from 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. It’s going to be more costly, but you’ll feel more confident knowing that what’s on your head looks and even feels more natural.

Proper Fitting

This aspect of buying hair pieces is often overlooked by women, which is why so many get frustrated when they buy a hair piece off the shelf and it doesn’t provide the look they want. This is why, whenever you’re strongly considering any sort of hair pieces, synthetic or natural, you should visit a local salon whose stylist know how to properly fit them. Your head moves as much as the rest of your body throughout the day as you walk around, climb stairs, and deal with the wind or other sudden movements. The better fit your hair piece is, the more natural looking it will be in a variety of conditions.

Style It The Right Way

Whichever of the hair pieces you end up choosing and after you get the right size, you’ll have some styling flexibility. This won’t apply as much to synthetic wigs though, so keep that in mind if you’re investing in one. However, for both types, one things that’s really important is not deviating too far from your natural hair color. Even if your hair is starting to thin, a color change is going to be far more noticeable than a hair piece that merely adds more volume or a slightly altered style. By getting the right color, the right fit, and a type of wig that looks right on your, you’ll walk around with a newfound sense of confidence.