Making The Most Of Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Making The Most Of Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Making Your Tape In Hair Extensions Last Longer

Making Your Tape In Hair Extensions Last Longer

Taking Care of Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Properly maintained tape in hair extensions can last up to two months and the hair pieces reapplied for another two months. However, maintaining tape in hair extensions requires allotting more time for your beauty routine. Brushing your hair, showering, sleeping, and other everyday activities require extra effort to ensure your extensions stay tangle-free and voluminous.

Brushing Your Tape In Hair Extensions

The key to maintaining your extensions is frequently brushing them. Stylists should recommend thoroughly brushing your hair twice a day, but some people might need to brush their hair more frequently.

If you feel like you’re losing a lot of hair, shedding is natural. Your head typically loses about 100 strand of hair a day even without hair extensions. Plus, your extensions are new and will shed.

Sleeping With Tape In Hair Extensions

Before sleeping you should thoroughly brush your hair and put it in a loose braid or ponytail. This will keep your hair from becoming a ratty, tangled mess overnight. If you toss and turn at night, consider getting silk pillow covers. They help prevent tangles.

Exercising With Tape In Hair Extensions

Daily or frequent exercise is a part of most people’s lives and many women believe that it’s just not possible with hair extensions. This is false. You can go to the gym and look great doing it. While you might want to take out your clip in hair extensions before heading to the gym, tape in hair extensions can be left in and are totally manageable. Just put your hair in a bun or ponytail, being careful not to pull so tight that you damage the bonds that hold your extensions in.


Keeping your hair pieces clean is essential to their longevity, but they don’t need to be washed that frequently. Washing your hair twice a week and supplementing with dry shampoo is great standard. If you work out everyday or have extraordinarily greasy hair, you can shower more frequently but be careful to keep your hair extensions as stationary as possible. Roughly scrubbing the bonded areas can loosen them and cause slippage.

Stylists should recommend their clients use sulfate free shampoo or shampoo for colored hair. There are fewer chemicals in these products to damage the bonds that hold your extensions in.

Styling Your Tape In Hair Extensions

Having longer, fuller hair is the reason most women get hair extensions. It makes any hairdo, even a messy bun, look better. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, 100% remy human hair extensions can be styled just like your normal hair. It’s real human hair so it can be curled, straightened, and styled with heating tools. They can also be damaged like your normal hair. Be sure to use a heat protectant and steer clear of bondage sites. Heat can melt the adhesive that keeps your extensions in.

Installing & Maintaining Tape In Hair Extensions

Only licensed professionals who complete our training course can install our 100% remy human hair extensions. Offered online and onsite at our salons, becoming a certified specialist has never been easier or more affordable.

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