Material Used for Hairpieces

Material Used for Hairpieces

Your Hair is Part of Your First Impression

Hairpieces in their various forms are the way that we change our looks for the better. Hairpieces, like Revive, cover bald spots, freckles on the scalp, moles on our scalp we’d like to hide. They can make us feel better about what we’re presenting to the rest of the world. Hairpieces help give many of us the comfort and reassurance that we need. It can prove that our hair isn’t the focus of the attention, but that we are. Using a Hairpiece can still have some stigma attached. The best part of the process is that no one has to know about your small change! When choosing a hairpiece, your hair care professional is going to be your best source of advice about hairpieces. Your hair care professional will direct you to the best type of Hairpiece for you and your purpose.

Human Hair

Most people specifically seek human hair for their hair pieces, wigs, and hair extensions. If you are choosing a hairpiece for every day, there is a high likelihood that your hair care professional will recommend a human hair. Human hair is exactly like your own hair – it has the same weight, the same motion, and similar needs to your own natural hair. Human hair is sourced directly from living, breathing people who part with their hair for a variety of reasons. In dozens of temples every year in India, for example, families make a pilgrimage that ends at the temple, where their heads are shaved. After the hair is shaved off, it is taken by the sellers to factories, where people treat the hair. The treatment involves combing, cleaning, and preparing the hair for packaging. Once the hair is packaged, it is shipped off.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair for hairpieces isn’t any hair care professional’s first choice. Sometimes, synthetic hair can have a rough texture. When this is the case, it is possible that the synthetic hair may cut a couple of the strands of natural hair, causing some hair loss. Synthetic hair can be sourced from a variety of places like Buffalo, feathers, simple acrylic. Synthetic hair isn’t the best option, but it may work for some specific styles. Be sure to ask your hair care professional about caring for your natural and your synthetic hair.


Nothing is of lower quality than nylon wigs and hairpieces, though it is possible to track down and splurge on a higher-quality nylon hairpiece. Many nylon hairpieces, though, are for use in costumes, which explains why so little effort is put into their manufacture – they’re mass-produced and meant to be used for one period of a few hours at a time.