Morning to Night with Hair Extensions

Morning to Night with Hair Extensions

Woman With Long Hair Using Hair Extensions

Woman With Long Hair Using Hair ExtensionsA Day with Hair Extensions is a Great Day

So, you’re thinking of getting hair extensions. There are a lot of great things about having a little extra hair to toss over your shoulder, and you’ll be able to see the benefits of having hair extensions in yourself. You may feel a little more excited to start your day, a little more confident in your interactions with interesting, attractive people, and have more fun styling your hair. Whether you feel better immediately, or better later, you’ve got some fun to have in your day with hair extensions.


Nobody is watching you or your fashion at the gym…NOT! While many of us could care less, many more of us care about the way we look, even when we’re at the gym! If that’s the case, don’t worry about your hair extensions. You can gently pull them out of your face, and into a loose ponytail. To make sure your extensions don’t wheelhouse-kick you in the face, make a loose bun, or secure the end of your pony to the ponytail holder. Now you’re free to run, jump, kick, and lift your heart out!


Maybe you keep your extensions out of the water, maybe they go right in like the rest of your head. Whatever you do with that hair, make sure you’re using the right products for your and for your hair. Contrary to what some of us seem to think, you should actually make sure to wash, condition, and gently detangle and comb your extensions. Can you imagine just letting your hair do whatever it wants to do? What sort of madness would you have to face everyday? Don’t let your hair run wild. You’ll get crazy looks at work, and you don’t have to go through something like that. Treat your extensions as kindly as you treat your own natural hair, and use low-heat styling before you make a splash at the office.


It’s on after work! You can use your extensions in a sexy updo for the club, or a perky fishtail pony if tonight is date night. Either style will be the thing you need for low light, and good times. You can dine by candlelight while flicking your waves over your shoulder, or you can make waves on the dance floor with your cool new ‘do. Having fun with hair extensions is as natural as breathing when you rock what you’ve got!


Go ahead and let out that huge yawn. You’ve had a long day, and it didn’t end when you got home. Now it’s time for you to unwind. Maybe you didn’t wash your hair this time, but let the steam from the shower get in, helping the little bit of oil sink in. Once you’re out of the shower, it’s a great idea to use a satin bonnet, or a satin pillowcase to protect your hair. You’ve made an investment in your appearance, so protect your hair extensions with a few preventative steps that will help you look good for weeks.