Natural Hair Pieces and 7 Other Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair

Natural Hair Pieces and 7 Other Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair

8-8 Hair Pieces Can Add Volume to Your Hair

8-8 Hair Pieces Can Add Volume to Your Hair

8 Easy Ways to Add Volume and Thickness to Your Hair

Is your hair is lacking in volume and/or thickness? Do you watch shampoo commercial with envy, wondering why you can never get that same appearance and texture on your own head? You’re definitely not alone.

Whether it’s from genetics, overprocessing, or dumb luck, thin and lifeless hair plagues so many women. Thankfully, because it’s so common, hair experts and concerned women alike have come up with innovative solutions to your hair woes.

Here are 8 easy ideas to add volume and thickness to your hair.

1. Consider wearing hair pieces over your natural hair.

To instantly add volume, thickness, and/or length to your hair, hair pieces may be great solutions for you. Available in semi-permanent or clip-in options, hair pieces are worn on the top of your head and can blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

2. Try a couple of root lifting techniques.

When styling your hair, try spritzing a root lifting spray onto your scalp. Then, use a comb to tease your hair. The combination of these methods should help give you lasting volume throughout the day.

3. Get a haircut with layers.

If your hair is all one length, it can appear limp and fine. But something as simple as adding a few layers can visually break up your hair, giving the illusion of fuller tresses. Additionally, the shorter layers won’t be weighed down as much and may be able to hold texture for longer.

4. Switch up the way you part your hair every once in a while.

Your hair can get used to falling in the same exact way after a long period of time. By switching up the way you part your hair every once in a while, you can force some extra volume and texture

5. Dry your hair while holding your hair upside down.

Blow-drying your hair away from your head can help to give it some extra oomph instead of just letting it fall directly down. Just make sure not to hold your head upside-down for too long or you’ll get lightheaded!

6. Use a good-quality shampoo when washing your hair.

The right shampoo can make all the difference in your hair’s texture, volume, moisture, and more. Trust us—it’s worth it to invest in a good-quality shampoo if you want your hair to look and feel its best. This is especially true if you have extensions or your hair is colored.

7. Try out clip-in hair extensions.

Let’s say you really want to add volume to your hair one day, but the next day you’d rather a more understated look. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to put in and take out, letting you customize your style on a whim.

8. Brush your hair with a good-quality hair brush.

If your hair is already thin, using the wrong brush can make it fall out a lot faster than it should. Try using a brush with natural boar bristle brushes or one made from flexible nylon.

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