Not Just for Length: 4 Uses for Hair Extensions

Not Just for Length: 4 Uses for Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Can Be Used For More Than Just Length

4 Great Ways to Use Your Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Can Be Used For More Than Just Length

When you think about hair extensions, you often think about extending the length of your hair. But, in reality, they can be used for so much more than that! Whether you want to add length for any number of purposes, experiment with different colors, or style your hair however you want, here are four great ways to use hair extensions.

1. Use your hair extensions to achieve length.

We have to start with the most obvious use for hair extensions, of course. If you’re unhappy with the current length of your hair or want the flexibility to change up your look, hair extensions can help you get the long, luscious hair you desire.

Maybe you’re wanting to grow out a bob, but you’re dreading that awkward shoulder-length phase. You can use tape-in hair extensions to help you achieve a much smoother transition.

Or maybe you’ve tried every product and supplement on the market, but your hair just won’t ever grow past a certain length. Hair extensions offer you an easily solution to help you effortlessly get that length you’ve always desired.

You could just be indecisive! One day, you like the freedom afforded by short hair—less brushing, less styling, less maintenance. But the next day, you’re feeling glamorous and want long, flowing locks. Clip-in hair extensions let you change up your hairstyle as often as you’d like to match your mood!

2. Use your hair extensions to achieve fullness.

You’ve tried curling, teasing, and adding products to your hair to achieve that sexy, voluminous look—but nothing seems to work! Your fine, thin hair just doesn’t want to hold the styles you have in mind. Hair extensions can make the hairstyles you never thought you’d be able to pull off possible by giving you that extra volume and texture to work with!

3. Use hair extensions to experiment with different hair colors.

Have you always wanted to try coloring your hair a bold color like blue or pink or green? You may be too scared of the bleaching process required to get that bold color. Maybe your place of employment won’t let you have unnatural hair colors. Or maybe you’re worried that you won’t be able to pull it off.

Whatever the reasoning, clip-in color hair extensions can give you the freedom to experiment with all kinds of crazy colors—without the risk of commitment! Try them in one color or a couple different colors for a vibrant twist!

4. Use hair extensions to help you achieve intricate hairstyles.

If your hair is too short, too thin, or uncooperative, you may have trouble achieving intricate hairstyles. When a special occasion is coming up, you want to be able to style your hair however you want, and hair extensions can offer you that ability. High-quality hair extensions can be cut, colored, and styled just like real hair to give you a beautiful, natural, and glamorous look!

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