Picking the Best Hair Extensions

Picking the Best Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Applied to Brown Hair

Hair Extensions Applied to Brown Hair

The Quality and Type of Hair Extension Can Make a Big Difference

For anyone looking for longer, fuller hair, hair extensions might be the solution. With so many options, picking the right hair extensions is different for every person but, when it comes to quality, some things are non negotiable.

Picking High Quality Hair Extensions

Choosing high quality hair extensions is well worth the added price. They feel better and look real, so your client’s hair extensions are their secret. They also last longer than their cheaper alternatives and are much easier to care for. To ensure you are giving your clients high quality hair extensions, make sure the ones you use have the following qualities.

Human Hair

When choosing hair extensions the first thing you have to do is decide between using human hair or synthetic hair extensions. While synthetic hair is much cheaper than using real human hair, the difference in price matches the difference in quality.

Styling Options

With most synthetic hair extensions your styling options are limited. You can’t use styling tools like blow dryers or flat irons because the heat will damage the synthetic hair. With human hair extensions you can style your client as you would if they weren’t wearing hair extensions, giving them more variety.

Seamlessness & Longevity

Human hair extensions also last longer than synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions look more real and seamless than their synthetic alternative. Considering hair extensions aren’t supposed to be distinguishable from your client’s hair, using human hair extensions is an easy way to make sure they blend in.

Human hair extensions also last longer than synthetic hair extensions. They can last up to two months and the hair pieces can be reused if they were properly taken care of. Just like the hair on your head, human hair extensions last. They don’t tangle as easily, improving their lifespan, and can be cared for just like you care for your own hair.

Remy Hair

Remy hair refers to the quality of human hair used. Remy hair is the highest quality human hair collected from donors and can last up to a year if taken care of properly. What gives Remy hair its longevity is the alignment of the hair cuticles and gentle processing. With Remy hair the cuticles are completely intact so the hair is all running one direction, making tangles rare and care easier for your client.

Non Remy hair options have the price of human hair without the benefits. While still superior to synthetic hair, non remy extensions tangle and mat easier because the cuticles are often completely removed with harsh chemicals and the strands aren’t aligned. Taken from the floors of salons and other donors, non remy hair will only last a few washes and can’t be reused.

Match Hair Color

Getting the right color hair extension can make a big difference for your client and the quality of her extensions. The closer the hair color is to your clients the more natural and seamless their extensions will look.

Most hair extensions come in a variety of options making it easy to get a near perfect match for your client, but to ensure the color is exactly right you can dye the extensions to match. You can only dye remy hair extensions, making them the easiest extensions to blend into your client’s hair.

Picking the Hair Extension Type

While the above qualities make great hair extensions, the type of hair extension best for your client is determined by their needs. One hair extension system is not inherently better than the other because they can both use 100% cuticle intact remy human hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are perfect for women looking for temporary volume and length. Fun and nonpermanent, clip in extensions are great for women getting ready for their wedding or another special occasion. After their special event they can take out their extensions and reuse them whenever if desired.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extension option perfect for women looking for longer, fuller hair. These hair extensions can last months if properly cared for and are incredibly easy to blend into your client’s hair.

Styling Your Client With Hair Extensions

The most important part of getting the best hair extensions is styling at installation. Even if your extensions are 100% cuticle intact remy hair, if they aren’t properly blended when you put them on your client they’ll look just as low quality as the synthetic option.

To use any of our hair products you must be certified through our level 1 course, but to ensure your client’s hair extensions are properly blended be sure to get a level 2 certification. You can take our certification courses online but they are also taught in our salons. We make it easy to get certified and provide your clients with the best hair extensions.