Reasons Men Wear Hair Pieces

Reasons Men Wear Hair Pieces

Man Wearing A Hair Piece

Man Wearing A Hair PieceHair Pieces Aren’t Just for Women

Until the mid-19th century, makeup and wigs were common for men and women across Europe, and this was a social norm that was both accepted, and expected. Only after the Industrial Revolution did heels, wigs, and makeup come to be considered accessories made for women. Men’s fashion and beauty trends have changed and evolved as rapidly and as dramatically as women’s fashion and beauty, but has not received the same publicity and treatment in everyday life as women’s beauty standards. Today, hair pieces for men have been stigmatized and the men that wear them sometimes viewed in a less-than-favorable light. Still, there is a good list of practical and cosmetic reasons for men to choose to wear hair pieces, and some look so wonderful after their upgrade, social scrutiny becomes a thing of the past.

Balding or Thinning Hair

The main reason any man would be interested in using a hair piece would be this one, but this is far from the only reason, and balding may not simply be about looking better: an exposed scalp is vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer. Hats, of course, do a wonderful job of protecting the scalp from the elements, but wearing hats is usually frowned upon indoors, and must be watched, else they may be lost or stolen. Hair pieces provide stylish protection for the scalp of those of us with thinning hair, or those who are bald, making them a better option than hats, as they do not usually accidentally detach, and don’t need to kept up with during events.


A full head of thick, voluminous hair is a trademark of youth, particularly in those whose hair is naturally straight. A hair piece can make a man appear younger, and maybe even more handsome. Hair pieces can be used to cover greys, and make short, fine hair longer and fuller. While some men may choose hairpieces as a way of recapturing their lost youth, others see an opportunity to enhance what they already have.  

Costume, or Movie Role

Possibly the second-most cited reason for use of wigs and hairpiece use in men, the multi-billion dollar film industry requires its on-screen participants to look other-worldly beautiful and handsome at all time. The worlds in which movies and TV Shows happen are usually complete with unchanging, always-perfect hair, and this is simply an impossible feat for normal human hair. Enter hair pieces, and the day is saved!

Change in Style

It’s not unreasonable that, like a woman, a man may want to alter his appearance, to ‘take a break’ from his normal style, and make a change! A hairpiece is a great option for anyone who just wants a different look, but isn’t sure about committing, or doesn’t have enough hair to pull off the desired look. With man buns and a scruffier look back in fashion, men have all of the options that women have for longer hair and a something fun to look forward to everyday.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment   

Being a man doesn’t have to mean that you have no sense of style, or that you don’t care about your appearance. You should do what feels good, and you can make yourself look good in the process. Check out what adding a hair piece can do for you, and get ready to be amazed!