Restoring Confidence with Tape In Hair Pieces

Restoring Confidence with Tape In Hair Pieces

brookelynn elizabeth behind the scenes

brookelynn elizabeth behind the scenes

Either Clip In or Tape In, Hair Pieces Help Women

Hereditary hair thinning affects twenty-five percent of women and fifty percent of women over forty suffer from hair loss. Of these women, seventy-nine percent said their hair loss affects their happiness giving them a negative body image and low self esteem. For women with thin hair, hair extensions are not always enough of a solution.

Hair pieces provide women suffering from hair loss with longer, thicker hair that allow them to rebuild their confidence and feel beautiful with realistic hair. Clip in hair pieces are a great temporary solution, but for women looking for something a little more permanent Easihair Pro collaborated with Bobbi Russell to create Revive, a revolutionary tape in top of head hair piece.

Longer, Thicker Hair

Without requiring women to shave the top of their hair, the Revive tape in hair piece system gives women longer, thicker hair. It is available in an array of colors making it easy to match to your client.

Restoring your clients hair to its previous thickness or giving it the length it never had will help your client restore her positive body image.

Vibrant Hair

Both clip in and tape in hair pieces are fully integrated, giving your client a seam free look ensuring their hair piece is their secret. Their hair will look and feel healthy with a properly installed hair piece. The Revive hair piece system can last anywhere from six to twelve months with proper care and can be reused up to eight times.

Made of one hundred percent human hair, all of our hair pieces last, look real, and allow your client to be free of self doubt.

More Styling Options

Women with thinning hair often can’t create the intricate looks involving braids, curls, or volume. By styling your client with a hair piece you give them the volume and length required for beautiful updos and intricate braids.

Making styling her hair fun again, your client will regain her confidence as she gets to play with curls, braids, and waves.

Give Your Client a Self Confidence Boost

No matter the cause of her hair loss, your client will be thrilled with her top of head hair piece. Giving her the length and volume she desires, she will finally enjoy styling her hair as she can try out curls, different updos, and intricate braided looks. Her hair will feel refreshed and healthy as all of our hair pieces are made from one hundred percent Remy human hair.

Either clip in or tape in, styling your client with our hair piece solutions will give her the confidence boost she deserves.

Get Certified

No longer having to shave her head for a semi-permanent solution, the Revive hair piece system is revolutionary for women with thinning hair. However, to be able to use this revolutionary technology, or any of our other products, you must be certified. We offer a variety of courses with our level three course specializing in hair pieces. Available as an online course or a two day seminar in our salon, level three is an advanced course that covers hair pieces and hair extensions as a solution for hair loss.

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