Rules for Hair Pieces

Rules for Hair Pieces

Lady with hair extensions letting her hair down to show the volume

Lady with hair extensions letting her hair down to show the volumeHair Pieces Rule, but there are Rules for Hair Pieces

How do we get hair pieces? Ideally, you head on over to your stylist, they give you their stunning recommendation, and you’ll stride out with the self love of a thousand fluffy roses. Many of us, though, will just head on over to the beauty supply, pick something cute, and watch a YouTube tutorial on how to pop it in. However you choose to get that hair piece in, just get ready for a whirl of confidence and a fantastic boost of self-love! Pampering yourself is an act of self-love – making yourself feel good means that you’re doing something right.

DO Let Your Hair Down

Flip it, toss it, and run your fingers through! You’ve got a great new look, and you’ve earned the right to show it off! Your hair is a magical thing – your hair makes all of the annoying things about having hair that is too short, or too thin go away, and leaves you breathless. Stand out, and let your hair down! Feel it flowing through the breeze as you walk down the street, and let your amazing new look speak for you.

DON’T be like Everyone Else

If everyone else has brown hair, choose red! If everyone else has blonde hair, do black with pink highlights! The world (and your style) is your oyster! Even if everyone around you has waist-length locs, your hair piece can be cut and colored the way you need it to feel like you.  If you’ve got a new look, make sure your flaunt your new look properly – whether you’re thrifty or a splurge queen, grabbing a new outfit or two will bring you right up to where you need to be.  

DO Love Your Look

If you love your hair, you’ll take care of it. The same goes for your hair piece. Show your hair (and the world) that you love your look. Your stylist can give you plenty of care tips that will help you care for and maintain your beautiful look. Make sure, before you do anything else, that the water in your shower isn’t hard, mineral-laden water. You can get test strips for this, or simply look at your showerhead. If there is build up on and around the water spouts, you’ve got hard water, and hard water can dry your hair and skin. Replace your showerhead with a filter, and ask your stylists for the best products for your hair piece. You can never go wrong with a shampoo for normal hair, and an extra-moisturizing conditioner. Leave your conditioner on for a few minutes, and rinse it out well. Protect your hair piece from excessive heat and wind, like you would with your own hair, and you’ll be good to go!

DON’T Rely on Pony Tails

You don’t want to pull on your new hair, right? Right! Letting your hair stay loose may actually help your hair piece last longer. Wearing ponytails can be a quick, chic option for keeping your hair out of your face, but be careful with their tightness and the length of time that you wear them. Ponytails can stress the roots and connections of your hair, and you don’t want that at all.