Saving Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Saving Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Get Ahead of Your Hair Loss Using Hair Pieces

Tried & True, Hair Pieces are a Reliable Hair Loss Solution

Get Ahead of Your Hair Loss Using Hair Pieces

Old or young, hair loss and hair thinning can be extremely discouraging. When you can’t style your hair in the latest trends or even simply feel self-conscious walking out your door, your hair is becoming a negative influence on your life. Hair should never bring you down.

Instead, hair should be a built in confidence booster. We all have a bad hair day here and there, but overall you should be able to rely on your thick, luscious locks to make you feel good. For women suffering from hair thinning and hair loss, you may not think there is an inconspicuous solution to give you back your mane. Well, there is.

Hair pieces are a reliable semi-permanent hair loss replacement solution that can give you the hair you always dreamed of. With advancing technology, you’ll hear people swear by surgeries and laser treatments that promise to restore your hair but nothing is as trusted or provides results like hair pieces.

Restore Thinning Hair & Top of Head Thinning

Hair pieces are mostly used to restore volume and coverage to thinning hair, unlike hair extensions which are mostly used to add volume and length. Hair pieces can even fix top of head thinning with multi-piece systems that integrate into your already existing hair.

Most top of head hair pieces require women to shave their head. We thought this was ridiculous. With already thinning hair, no woman wants to shave the hair she has left. That’s why paired up with Bobbi Russell to create the Revive top of head hair extension system. With patent pending, this product is revolutionizing the hair styling world. It utilizes a three piece integration system to dramatically improve volume and thinning.

For women suffering from mild hair loss or simply desire more volume, the top volume max or top volume mini only uses one piece to inconspicuously enhance your hair. It’s semi-permanent and the average product lasts around 6 months to a year with proper care.

Restore Confidence

One in four women who walk into your salon are predisposed to hereditary hair loss. Half of women will experience hair thinning after the age of 40. Of women suffering from hair loss, 79% said it dramatically affects their happiness. It has been associated with depression, low self-esteem, looking older, and a negative body image. All of these can be avoided with a hair replacement system like our hair pieces.

Hair pieces can give your client’s back the confidence they lost when their hair started to thin, and it’s their secret. We use 100% Remy human hair and require certification for salons to use our products so they don’t have to worry about it looking noticeable or fake. You can feel good in your own skin again when you use our hair pieces.

Become Hair Pieces Certified

Hair pieces are not one size fits all. They require professional expertise and certification to be properly installed. That’s why we require all salon artists to complete our level 3 certification course before they can use our life-changing products. Offered in salon or online, getting certified has never been easier.

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