Solving Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Solving Hair Loss with Hair Pieces

Battle Hair Loss with the Use of Hair Pieces

Living with Female Pattern Baldness

Battle Hair Loss with the Use of Hair Pieces

Imagine having a bad hair day everyday. Every morning you wake up knowing your hair won’t look the way you want it to and knowing you can’t style it in the latest trends. You’ll try anything to distract attention from the crown of your head, but it seems like anything you try only brings more attention to it.

This is what it’s like living with female pattern baldness. While male pattern baldness is talked about, joked about, and accepted, female hair loss and hair thinning is often ignored. However, it’s just as common. One in four women is predisposed to hereditary hair loss and 50% of women over 40 experience some form of hair loss or hair thinning. This might seem shocking, but only because women go to great lengths to hide any trace of less-than-perfect hair. This discrepancy also has innumerable negative psychological effects for women and creates low self esteem.

Thankfully, hair pieces are a semi-permanent hair loss solution and help restore confidence and self-image.

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Society focuses on youth, beauty, and gorgeous hair. That’s what makes baldness and hair thinning emotionally damaging for anyone, male or female. People arcedit feeling beautiful solely to their hair, and claim bad hair days are the most damaging.

Waking up every morning and knowing you won’t love how you look will eventually wear down even the most secure person’s self confidence. 79% of women who suffer from hair loss mention suffering from a negative body image. They also mention decreased happiness and depression.

While you may not suffer any psychological side-effects, they are very common and very damaging. Men and women alike feel defined by their hair and restricted by their self-perception.

Using Hair Pieces to Combat Hair Loss

Thankfully, there is a modern hair care solution for hair thinning and hair loss. While it is not a magic cure-all regrowth potion, it does offer a semi-permanent hair replacement system. Hair pieces can seamlessly blend your existing hair with 100% Remy human hair to create the fullness and volume your natural hair lacks.

Different from hair extensions, hair pieces offer top-of-head fullness that hide any thinning on the crown of your head. While clip in and tape in extensions offer length and volume at the ends of your hair, hair pieces offer support starting at the top of your head.

Now with modern technology, you don’t even need to shave your head. We always thought it was a little absurd that hair replacement systems asked you to shave the little natural hair you had life, so we teamed up with Bobbi Russell to create revolutionary hair pieces. The Revive 3 piece hair system seamlessly blends your hair with you hair pieces to create natural looking fullness.

Get Hair Pieces Certified

Hair pieces can relieve an emotional burden for anyone suffering from hair loss and have a great psychological impact on your clients. That’s why require the completion of and advanced, specialized training course before any specialist can offer our services. With multiple locations, online courses, and an endless number of sessions, getting certified has never been easier.

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