Styling with Hair Pieces: Bombshell Curls

Styling with Hair Pieces: Bombshell Curls

Create Curly Styles with Hair Pieces

Create Curly Styles with Hair Pieces

After getting hair pieces installed you may feel like you can’t style your hair. You might worry you’ll damage the hair pieces or, even worse, people will notice you’re wearing one. Hair pieces are supposed to relieve the anxiety of hair loss, not create it. To help restore faith in your hair, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to styling your hair with hair pieces.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bombshell Curls with Hair Pieces

Getting gorgeous curls is easy, even when you have a hair piece. In fact, hair pieces make getting bombshell curls even easier because they create tons of volume other women lack.

1. Prepare Your Hair and Hair Pieces

Before you can do anything to your hair, you need to protect it. Spritz your favorite heat protectant throughout your hair and brush through to spread evenly. We recommend our heat & shine treatment spray for incredible shine and fantastic protection.

2. Blow Out

The secret to great curls is a great blowout. It might not make sense to straighten your hair before curling it, but blowing out your hair gives you the perfect canvas on which to create your masterpiece.

Before curling, blow out your hair with a round brush for a smooth sheen and extra body.

3. Curl

The next step is curling your hair. If you have longer hair or want looser curls, we recommend using a 2” barrel. If you have shorter hair or want tighter curls, use a 1.5” barrel. Once you’ve chosen your iron, turn it on so it can heat up while you section.

Begin sectioning your hair by separating two small sections at the sides of your face. Then section a bottom layer about one inch wide and clip the rest up. You’ll work your way up as you curl.

Curl the front two section by wrapping the hair away from the face. By curling outward, you’re framing your face and creating a more natural look. Then move on to the other sections. In the back sections, alternate curling directions for a messier, less uniform look.

When curling, be careful to not get too close to the scalp. If you get too close to the heat activated adhesive, it could melt and loosen your hair pieces.

4. Pin Up Curls

An important step in getting supermodel curls is pinning them up. After you curl each section, roll the curl and pin it with bobby pins. Be sure to carefully roll your curls as the nicer the pin curl is, the more voluminous and long lasting your finals curls will be. Your pin curls should be rolled neatly in addition to being well sectioned.

Let these curls sit for about 20 minutes. Take this time to do your makeup.

5. Remove Curls

Once your curls have set, start taking out your curls. As you take them out section by section, spray texturizing spray beneath the curl.

6. Style

The final step in getting bombshell curls is styling. Run your fingers through your curls to break them up and create texture. Your curls should be messy, but not frizzy, and have plenty of volume.

Offer Hair Pieces in Your Salon

We only let certified stylists offer our hair pieces, tape in hair extensions, and clip in hair extensions in their salons. Fortunately, getting certified has never been easier. With online and in salon options offered multiple times throughout the year, there’s sure to be an option that works for you.

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