Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Crown Braid Chignon

Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Crown Braid Chignon

Woman with Braid in Hair with Tape in Hair Extensions

Woman with Braid in Hair with Tape in Hair Extensions

Use Tape-In Hair Extensions to Create This Romantic Look

With wedding season coming, hair extensions give your clients the semi-permanent volume needed for elaborated updos like this crown braid with a twisted chignon. The extra length and volume from the tape in hair extensions create a fuller styling especially if your client has thinner hair. Whether your client is a bride on her wedding day or a girl headed to her senior prom, you can do this easy updo to complete her look.

This look has two parts, the crown braid across the front and the twisted chignon in the back. You can do either part individually, but together they make a sophisticated, yet whimsical look.

Creating the Look

1. Start the Crown Braid

After brushing the hair and prepping it with some texturizing spray, section a piece of hair in the front that goes from one ear to the other. French braid this section across the front of the head. When you get to the other ear stop french braiding but continue braiding the hair, leaving the end out so that i can be styled in the chignon later.

If you opt to not do the chignon, continue french braiding around the entire head to create a royal crown braid.

2. Create a Half Up Half Down

Section the top of the hair behind the french braid and for added volume tease the hair. Secure it in place with bobby pins to create a half up half down look.

3. Twist the Hair

Starting on one side of the head, take a section of hair, twist it, and pull it across the back of the head to the other side. Secure it in place with a bobby pin and let the tail end drop. Make sure you cover the bobby pins securing the top section of hair with this twist.

4. Continue Twisting

Take the remaining hair from the first twist and combine it with another section of hair on that side of the head by creating a twist that goes across the back of the head underneath the twist created in step three. Secure the twist in place with bobby pins leaving the tail end of the hair free.

5. Repeat Until Finished

Take the remaining hair from the last section and combine it with another section, repeating step four. Continue to do this until there is no more hair to section and there is only the tail ends remaining from the last twists.

6. Finish the Twisted Chignon

Mimic the twisting and overlapping look of the twists with the remaining hair by twisting the last pieces and securing them in place with bobby pins. Do the same with the piece of hair remaining from the braid.

7. Add Finishing Touches

Once everything is securely pinned, lightly pull at the hair to create a looser, fuller look. The tape-in hair extensions will already help make the look fuller. When finished touching up, add a finishing spray of your choice.

Beautiful Full Hair With Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a great tool to create longer hair, but they can also be used to add volume to your client’s hair. Our tape in hair extensions are easy to apply, come in a spectrum of colors, and are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. Their high quality lets them last longer and look better than most hair extension available.
We make it easy to give your client’s quality hair extension through our certification courses.

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