What to Do with Tape-In Hair Extensions

What to Do with Tape-In Hair Extensions

Woman Posing With Tape In Hair Extensions

Woman Posing With Tape In Hair ExtensionsTape-In Hair Extensions are Your Hair, Too!

Don’t worry about what you can and can’t do with tape-in hair extensions-you’ve got a life to live, and they’re just part of it! Many people are concerned with the care of hair extensions, and how to go on with their daily lives when they have a new responsibility to their look. The truth is, you just go right on! Hair extensions are there for you when you need a little more length, a little extra thickness, or just more glamour everyday. Don’t stress about not knowing what’s going to happen everyday – you’ll have plenty of time to plan out your outfits and your hair styles, too!


Everyone doesn’t grasp that this is important in the care of your hair extensions. Keeping your hair clean and gunk-free is the best way to show your natural hair and your hair extensions (not to mention anyone that gets close to you!) that you care. Washing your hair while you have extensions is important because the way you care for your hair will show through. A thorough wash with lukewarm or cool water is the best deal for your hair extensions, and making sure that you’re using products that are made to be gentle on hair extensions is always a good decision.


Condition your hair to moisturize your hair. Condition your hair extensions to moisturize your hair extensions. This is more important than you may realize. Improperly conditioned and cared for hair extensions will look messy, and unkept. They can fade, tangle, and split. Making sure that you use water that isn’t too hot, and that you use gentle pressure to clean your scalp, and carefully comb conditioner and product through your hair. Conditioning your hair extensions is part of keeping your hair healthy and shiny, and this applies to your hair extensions. Looking good in your new look means taking good care of it.


Just as you can do with wigs, weaves, and hairpieces, feel free to cut your hair extensions. Maybe your hair’s length is fine, but it’s the extra thickness that you’re after. If that’s the case, you’ve got a friend in hair extensions. The option to install, and then snip away is there for you if you’ve got a great stylist to help you with a great new look. Making the most of your hair extensions is simply making your hair extensions your own. If that involves beefing up your everyday style, enjoy!


Here is where things can get a little complicated – it’s not recommended that you dye or color your hair extensions, per se, but you can add some semi-permanent hair color, if you want to go lighter. Make sure you check with your hair stylist before you try to change your hair color. Your stylist will be able to work with the correct minimally-damaging chemicals to get you the change that you deserve.


Go to your stylist, or wake up a few minutes earlier, but you can style your extensions however you want! With enough length, you can have a sassy pompadour, or an elegant, sky-high updo. Even if your style is just just pop your hair into a loose pony everyday, just remember that the world is yours with tape-in hair extensions.