Are Tape In Hair Extensions For You?

Are Tape In Hair Extensions For You?

8-12 - Learn More About Tape In Hair Extensions

8-12 - Learn More About Tape In Hair Extensions

There is no rule about wanting to look your best, regardless of your age. As a women, one of the first things that a person could notice about you is your hair. Unfortunately, no two people are built the same, and you may have less voluminous hair naturally, or you could be experiencing symptoms of aging. It’s perfectly normal, but in the past there weren’t a lot of great ways to compensate for these problems. Now, there are extremely high-quality tape in hair extensions available to consumers that can completely change the way that you see yourself.

Learning More About Tape In Hair Extensions

With high-quality tape in hair extensions, you’re finding a semi-permanent solution that allows women to gain volume, length, and even new color! Understanding more about these extensions will make it easier for you to talk to your salon professional about them, and then explore the various options available to you.

What Options Are Available?

In the last decade alone, the quality of hair extensions has increased dramatically, not only in their appearance, but their durability. This isn’t a temporary solution for a night out on the town. This is a way for you to change your look so that you can regain any confidence you may have lost because of your changing hair. Depending on what your specific needs are, there are a couple of variations available.

Standard Tape In Hair Extensions

These extensions are are a great choice for any women who really wants to increase the volume of and length of their hair. Since they’re so versatile, you’ll love the way you can create a number of different looks. They’re also easy to apply, making them a popular choice amongst stylists.

European Tape In Hair Extensions

Similar to the standard model, European tape in hair extensions are a great choice for the women that want a little more flair. This variation gives women hair that’s shinier, softer, and much more manageable.

Color Tape In Extensions

As the name implies, these variations of tape in hair extensions give women a flash of color. These are appealing because you’re not doing anything to harm or alter your natural hair with dye. This way, you still get bright, fun colors, but without the deterioration or other side effects.

Does The Type Of Hair I Currently Have Matter?

To some extent, yes. However, a tape in hair extension will work wonders for someone who has fine or thin hair. Unlike clip ins, which are bulky and can actually pull more on your hair, tape ins work to protect your hair from forms of damage and breakage. This way, you’re not sacrificing the hair you already have to get the look you really want.

Can Anyone Install Them?

Because they’re so effective and can look so natural, high-quality tape in extensions need to be professionally installed by a salon expert like a stylist or licensed cosmetologist. This ensures that it’s done right, and you won’t do anything to lessen their quality.

If you’re a stylist who is interested in becoming certified to provide your customers with the different type of hair extensions, make sure you contact the team at easihair pro. Becoming certified has never been easier, and we’ll help you grow your business in exciting new ways.

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