The Perfect Summer Accessory: Tape In Hair Extensions

The Perfect Summer Accessory: Tape In Hair Extensions

Add Volume to Your Hair with Tape In Hair Extensions

5 Reasons to Rock Hair Extensions This Summer

Add Volume to Your Hair with Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are your perfect summer accessory. They’re light, reusable, and waterproof, but most importantly, they’ll last you all summer. Tape in hair extensions use a powerful, lightweight adhesive to bond two thin wefts to your hair seamlessly.  They lay flat and blend perfectly, keeping your extensions your secret. No matter what you’re doing this summer, whether it’s picnics or beach trips, look gorgeous doing it with tape in hair extensions.

1. Braids, Mermaid Waves, and Other Summer Styles

The best reason to get tape in hair extensions this summer is to help you rock this seasons trendiest styles. Braids and mermaid waves are at the forefront of hair trends, but both require lots of hair to look good.

Wearing tape in hair extensions gives you the added volume and length to fishtail, french, or crown braid your hair. The next day, take your braids out, refresh with some dry shampoo, and sport wavy, mermaid hair. Or, if you prefer freshly washed hair, you can create those beachy waves with a spritz of salt spray on damp hair and a twist. Regardless of your preferred do, tape in hair extensions can give you the length and volume to do them all.

2. Lightweight

What makes tape in hair extensions the perfect summer extensions is their weight. Unlike clip in hair extensions which have a chunky clip, tape in hair extensions stick to your head with a strong adhesive and two thin wefts. They lay flat on your head, invisible. In contrast, clip in hair extensions or other hair extension systems can get bulky and be easily noticed.

Their lightweight is also great for the summer heat. The last thing anyone wants is to be hotter in the summer, so you wouldn’t want to add weight to your hair. Tape in hair extensions add length and volume with as little added heat as possible.

3. Sweatproof

Tape in hair extensions are waterproof. While you probably shouldn’t swim the english channel wearing tape-in hair extensions, they’ll survive your summer workouts and beach days. We use 100% Remy human hair so that your hair won’t lose color or change texture from the salt or chlorine.

However, It is important to avoid steam rooms and alcohol based products. Tape in hair extensions are heat activated, so applying more heat could make them start slipping. Alcohol is used to dissolve the adhesive, so using any alcohol-based products will prematurely remove your extensions.

4. Long Lasting & Reusable

Summer is the best time to get tape in hair extensions because they’ll last all season. Allowing you to temporarily change your look with the changing seasons. Most hair extensions last about 6 weeks and then can be reused and reapplied up to three times. This means your extensions will last you all summer, and then some.

Using Tape In Hair Extensions in Your Salon

Before we let any salon or stylist carry our brand, we require certification through our training course. Taken either online or in the studio, you receive an in-depth training in blending, installing, and removing all kinds of hair extensions. Becoming certified has never been easier.

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