The Top 4 Reasons Tape In Hair Extensions Fall Out

The Top 4 Reasons Tape In Hair Extensions Fall Out

Sometimes Tape in Hair Extensions Slip Out 6-25

Avoid These To Help Your Tape In Hair Extensions Last

Sometimes Tape in Hair Extensions Slip Out 6-25

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent solution to longer, fuller hair. They make braids thicker, updos fuller, and leave you with Rapunzel hair everyday with little added maintenance. However, if not properly cared for this semi-permanent solution will end up being less permanent.

1. Same Day Hair Treatment

One of the most common reasons tape in hair extensions slip is same day hair treatment. The adhesive tape needs to set so nothing should be done to your hair for at least 48 hours to ensure it’s secure.

You shouldn’t color treat your hair on the day your extensions are installed. The chemicals keep the adhesive from building a strong bond with your hair and make it much easier for the extensions to slip. To create an optimal bond, your hair should be squeaky clean before your extensions are applied. Your salon will probably use a three wash technique to ensure there is no residual dirt or oil on the hair.

After your extensions are installed, you should wait 48 hours for the extensions to set before doing anything to your hair. This includes showering. During these first few days, avoid getting your hair wet and roughly pulling at your extensions to help them last.

2. Product Buildup

When you have tape in hair extensions, you should be wary of applying excess products to your roots. Toner, glitter spray, dry shampoo, and other hair products can damage the adhesive if too much builds up along the tape.

Products that use alcohol and oil should be avoided. These ingredients can damage the adhesive if applied in any amount. You also should avoid applying conditioner to your roots. The oil that gives your hair its sheen will also help your extensions slip.

3. Naturally Oily Scalp and Hair

Unfortunately, if you have naturally oily scalp and hair your hair extensions won’t last as long. The natural oils in your hair breakdown the adhesive faster than the average person’s. While hair extensions actually do a good job of absorbing excess oils, the adhesive won’t be able to hold.

While the adhesive won’t last, your extensions will and can easily be reapplied multiple times.

4. Improper Application

If your hair extensions are not applied correctly, they won’t last. The easiest way to ensure that your tape in hair extensions are properly installed is to have them professionally done. Almost all salon quality hair extension brands require certification courses specific to their products. The salon experts are extensively trained in blending and styling as well as application techniques to ensure your extensions are your secret.

There is nothing worse than a hair extension falling out at work, on a date, or in a public place. Having your hair extensions professionally applied can save you from this embarrassment.

Using High Quality Hair For High Quality Results

We require all stylists and salons who use our products to complete an intensive certification course. Offered both online or onsite, our course covers everything from clip in hair extensions to revolutionary tape in hair pieces. All of our products use 100% remy human hair to ensure that your extensions look good and last.

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