Tips for Color Matching Tape in Hair Extensions

Tips for Color Matching Tape in Hair Extensions

Tips for color matching tape in hair extensions

easihair pro has more dual-blends and tri-blends than any other company in the industry, which gives salon professionals the opportunity to create hundreds of color combinations and endless possibilities for the type of look your clients desire and deserve. The use of tape-in hair extensions to create chemical-free color is becoming more and more popular.

Whether you are using tape-in extensions to create volume, length or add chemical free dimensional color, it’s important to note that color matching your guests is one of the most important steps to ensure your clients color blends seamlessly, looking as natural as possible.

How To Color Match Tape in Hair Extensions

Most clients are a blend of two or more colors. Even a color that appears to be a solid color will likely have variance and dimension. Watch the video below and read some tips that we have for color matching your tape in hair extensions:

Use your color ring or a hair panel to check the following areas:

  • Nape or root area for volume or Ombre
  • Mid-to-Ends for length or a pop of color
  • Face frame or fringe for a seamless blend

Be sure to hold the color ring underneath each section. The client’s ends, not root, should blend seamlessly into your color selection.

When layering multiple panel colors together, always remember that the panel that you place down first (top panel) will be the most prevalent color visible when wearing the hair down.

For transitional color effects, such as an Ombre, you will need to color match the ends of the hair as well as the base. If a very slight tone or level change is required to create a perfect color match, it is always easiest to make small adjustments to your client’s hair color versus the extensions.

However, because of our vast selection of colors and blends, it’s extremely rare that any salon professional will ever have to color the extensions when executing a proper color match and application. Keep in mind that anytime you chemically alter the extensions, you are opting the void the warranty. We suggest that you always match the client’s hair to the extension land, not the other way around. When considering hair colors such as bold fashion colors, highlights or balayage, remember that using hair extensions when possible is faster, healthier and safer.

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