Types of Hair Pieces

Types of Hair Pieces

8-17 - Clip In Hair Extensions Are an Easy Solution to Liven Up Your Hair

8-17 - Clip In Hair Extensions Are an Easy Solution to Liven Up Your HairGet the Look You Want with Hair Pieces

Wigs are a lively, booming business with celebrity endorsements and more people discovering a quick and easy way to change their look. Wigs, however, tend to be high-maintenance with brushing, washing, drying, and setting it just right on the stand to maintain its shape. If you’re a busy person with a career, a family, a home to care for, and enough bills to keep you occupied, the idea of having to keep a wig so well-groomed may be daunting, or even off-putting. Wigs are a great thing to keep you fresh and abreast of the latest hair styling trends, but there is an alternative for those of us that are usually too busy to keep track of a wig: sew-in hair pieces appeared on the mass market a few decades ago, and catapulted to popularity. With a hair piece that doesn’t leave your head, you’re free to worry about what matters without being stuck taking care of a wig.

Revive Hair Pieces

Hair Loss affects women at a slightly lesser rate than it does men, but this doesn’t mean that women don’t feel the effects of hair loss. Hair loss in anyone may cause a decrease in confidence, and make a person more self-conscious, and hyper concerned with the rest of their appearance. Something as simple as a full-coverage hair piece can make a huge difference in a person’s daily life for these reasons: a confident person is a happier person. When applying and wearing a full-coverage hair piece, the norm has been that client would have to shave what little remaining hair they had on their scalps, but with Revive Hair Pieces, your hair extensions can be seamlessly integrated with your natural hair. You will have the confidence of having your own hair, enhanced by the Revive Hair Pieces.     

Top Volume Max

Maybe you’ve seen the Revive Hair Piece, and it looks like too much, whether it’s too glamorous, or you’re just not looking for quite that much hair to be added on. If all you’re seeking is a little more for the top of your head, ask your salon professional about the Top Volume Max – you’ll get all of the volume you want without the hassle of having the Revive installed at a salon. Top Volume Max can be a great option if you’re looking for something more temporary, to punch up your look.

Top Volume Mini

Even smaller, sweeter, and more subtle, the Top Volume Mini is an excellent choice for anyone that just needs a little extra boost. Like the Top Volume Max, the Top Volume Mini is a clip-in hair piece that give the illusion of being your own natural hair, but with a little less fluff for those of us that still want the full look, but don’t want the extra volume. With just a little coverage for a minimalist upgrade, the Top Volume Mini is a good way to ease into the world of hair pieces without getting yourself in too deep, but also without missing the best parts!