Unexpected Reasons for Clip-in Hair Extensions

Unexpected Reasons for Clip-in Hair Extensions

Mom Wearing Clip-In Hair Extensions

Mom Wearing Clip-In Hair ExtensionsReasons You May Not Expect to Use Clip-In Hair Extensions

Life happens, and when life happens, you still have to go on, and you still have to look like your best self. Adding clip-in hair extensions give you the look without the commitment – there’s no hassle to get them in and out, and no huge expense to you as you move about your daily life with an extra punch of pretty. This small change can actually have a huge impact on your appearance, but also on your confidence – when you know you look good, you feel great, and you deserve to look as good as you’ll feel.

Bad Haircuts

While the thinking is a bit old-fashioned, we still behave as if we believe that hair is a woman’s crown and glory. Through the fashion highs and lows throughout the years, there have always been good ways and bad ways to do fashion, and everyone recognizes when your hair hasn’t kept up with current trends, no matter how avant-garde the style may be. Clip-in extensions have the ability to cover bad work, and relieve you of the embarrassment of a cut that didn’t go as well as expected.

Cocktail Parties

Any social event will always be complemented with gorgeous fashion accessories, and your hair will be one of yours. Adding luxurious length to any hairstyle will turn your blacktie affair into a night to remember, and provide you the confidence to flip your hair, have a couple of drinks, and dance without concern about your extensions loosening.

Halloween/Costume Parties

Dressing up your hair is just as much fun as dressing up the rest of your body. In some instances, it may even be necessary: heading into a roaring 20s soiree is no fun without an adorable bob, and a straight, sequined dress. Whether you’re doing the Charleston in the speakeasy or having cake as Marie Antoinette, clip-ins can give you the weight, length, and volume your hair needs to be historically accurate and epically fun.

Job Interviews

The name of the game is, and probably always will be, that conservative is best, but if your hair is too fine to make an adequate bun, or if your hair is too short to make a bun at all, clip-in extensions are you new best friends. With longer hair, you can make that ponytail that will confidently swish behind you, or that nice, full bun that will make you proud.

Everyday Mom

Between cooking, cleaning, feeding everyone, checking homework, laundry, and pet care, mom seems to come last when it comes to taking care of herself. No one wants to look tired and worn from work and children, so clip-in hair extensions are a convenient way for the busiest people to add a little glamour to their everyday looks.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine

The simplest reason to get clip-in hair extensions is for a change. Plenty of people all over change their jobs and cars the way they change their shoes, but there’s no need to be drastic with change. Trying out a new look is another great reason to give clip-in extensions a try: you’ll get a trial version of the style you’re considering, and be beautiful in the process of deciding.