Practical Uses for Hair Extensions

Practical Uses for Hair Extensions

Woman with Highlighted Hair Extensions Modeling

Woman with Highlighted Hair Extensions ModelingHair Extensions Can Help You Help Yourself

We all of think of hair extensions as purely cosmetic, and they are, right? You’re half-right, actually: hair extensions and hairpieces have a variety of uses, from the purely cosmetic to the practical. If you don’t have to think about this, and this is news to you, you’re lucky! You have a full head of thick hair you can do anything you want with. If you’re someone who needs a little extra hair for any reason, that’s fine, too. You’ve got so many options in either case, whether you’re just looking for a little more juju to boost your look, or if you’ve got something you’re trying to accomplish, hair extensions may be part of the solution that you need!


You won’t believe how many ballerinas actually have very short hair! Short hair is practical, and easier to care for. Having short hair can get in the way, though: if you’re dancing a show, you’re going to need to be able to pull your hair into a bun. It won’t always work to slick your hair back, and add a fake bun, so get hair extensions! Your routine won’t change as much as you think that it will, and you’ll have a little extra glam when you’re ready to go out on the town, maybe to see your understudy.


Can you imagine booking your first gig with fine, limp hair? Of course not! We look to models, and their luxurious locks, for the latest in fashions, and long, thick hair never goes out of style. Don’t let your career come to a standstill before it even begins! Go the safe route with naturally-colored and professionally installed hair extensions for the shoot that could make your career. If you’ve got the look they want, you’ve got the job, so make sure you’re dotting your ‘i’s and crossing your ‘t’s!

People with Very Short Hair

Just like with beautiful ballerinas, many people have very short hair. Maybe your hair doesn’t grow as quickly or as thickly as you would like. That’s okay! There are options for you. There are even options if you need something with a little more coverage because you have thinning hair. Hair extensions and hairpieces can do that for you. Get clip-ins to pick and choose your mood. Maybe you’re feeling like a strip of pink? There are options for a wild look to bring out your inner punk rocker.


Why should beauticians get hair extensions? Don’t they already know how to care for their own hair? Don’t they already have perfect hair? Nope! Beauticians and hair stylists are are imperfect as any of us. Your stylist will feel like changing their look every now and then, and this is a great chance for them to get to know a product before they recommend it to you. Going to your stylist for the best looks and the most fashion-forward styles will also ensure that your hair extensions look great! When you start great, you’ll stay great, because your stylist can also help you with the care of your luscious new locks!